Baby #4 – 14 Weeks

Okay…. so this might be almost a week late. I’ll actually be 15 weeks tomorrow, however the picture IS from last week at 14 weeks. I’m seriously slacking here. Being a new resident of TN, getting our older two involved with extracurriculars, trying to get the ball rolling with school and by the end of the day I’m one tired momma. So forgive me, will ya?

How far along? 14 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I still haven’t weighed myself, but I haven’t been able to eat normally… but my belly is popping something fierce. HELLO Baby #4! 

Maternity clothes? Yep. All the time, plus some LuLaRoe thrown in as well. I cannot wear regular jeans anymore, they hurt my stomach. And while I can wear regular tees, they look kind of weird when they’re not contoured to shape over a bump now. 

Stretch marks? Same old ones I’ve had since Boogie!

Sleep: I sleep okay if my kiddos sleep okay… lately that hasn’t really happened. And I wake up nauseous so that makes it hard to get back to sleep if I’m woken up in the middle of the night.

Best moment this week: Well, nothing much has happened this past week. I’m still nauseous. Too early for movement. So… I don’t know!

Movement: None yet, it’s way too early for that…

Food cravings: Sub sandwiches (I know, bad bad bad), chocolate milk (specifically whole milk Tru Moo) and peaches. 

Gender: Too early to tell!

Labor signs: None.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On and super loose! Yikes!

What I miss: Not feeling nauseous. Blech.

What am I looking forward too: Right now? I’m looking forward to having a normal, not hateful and rumbly tummy.

Weekly Wisdom: Do whatcha gotta do to survive momma… 

Milestones: Baby Bug can now squint, frown, grimace and pee! Ha!

Baby #4 – 12 Weeks


It’s true! We are expecting Baby #4 and we couldn’t be more ecstatic! We are officially moved and getting settled into our new home in East TN, we’ve been here for a month now but we aren’t quite done unpacking and getting everything the way we want it yet. That’s obviously because of this sweet bean growing in my belly, he/she is making feel pretty sick, so things are slow going! I’m hoping to post some more in the coming weeks as I find time, but for now, here is the first baby update! I didn’t feel well enough to go all out for my first belly update photo, so you get a bathroom selfie this week! (1)


How far along? 12 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I haven’t officially weighed myself before after finding out we were expecting, and honestly I probably won’t keep track this time. We ate out a LOT our first two weeks here so I imagine I gained some! 

Maternity clothes? Ugh. Yes. Already. Regular jeans are far too uncomfortable, thank goodness for LuLaRoe! I’ve worn a few pairs of maternity pants, but my LLR leggings are by far the comfiest! I went ahead and pulled my maternity tops as well, but I’m sticking to LLR and regular tees for the most part right now.

Stretch marks? Same old ones I’ve had since Boogie!

Sleep: I sleep as well as I can. Bird is transitioning from our bed to her bed but usually ends up back with us in the wee hours of the morning. She’s getting there, but until she’s permanently in her bed I probably won’t get a full nights rest with her tossing and turning!

Best moment this week: I got to see this little Bean jumping and spinning around at my prenatal appointment last week. It didn’t start out well as our insurance is not cooperating (so nice right?) and I had to pay out of pocket for the appointment! But thankfully the midwife was incredibly kind and asked if I’d like a chance to see him/her to lift my spirits. No pictures as it was an ancient machine that they don’t use “officially”, but just seeing him/her was amazing.

Movement: None yet, it’s way too early for that…

Food cravings: Icee’s, graham crackers and frozen fruit. 

Gender: Too early to tell!

Labor signs: None.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On and super loose! Yikes!

What I miss: Not feeling like a lazy bum… laying down is the ONLY thing that relieves my nausea right now.

What am I looking forward too: Holding a brand new baby, breathing in that sweet scent… this will be our last so you better believe I’ll be savoring every moment!

Weekly Wisdom: Let go and let God.

Milestones: Baby is the size of a lime!

My Mother’s Quilts Devotional Review and Contest

Quilts have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had some type of homemade quilt on my bed. My mom is an amazing quilter, I have quilts she made me as a child and now my children have received quilts made by her as well. She creates these beautiful blankets with bright colors and designs, and I love that she hand quilts them, she puts so much love and devotion into her craft.

Because of this love of quilting from my mom, and my love of her beautiful quilts, I was very excited to have the opportunity to review this new devotional by Ramona RichardsMy Mother’s Quilts: Devotions of Love, Legacy, Family and Faith


Richards, an award-winning editor, author, speaker and devotional contributer, took the stories of the family quilts her mother owned and documented them to create this beautiful devotional. This book has short little devotions with bible verses and prayer starters to go along with each story/lesson and gorgeous photos of the quilts that these stories are about. One of my favorite things about this devotional is seeing these beautiful quilts that I’m reading about.

This devotional would be a great gift for the quilter or quilt-lover in your life, you can purchase it HERE for $11! Continue reading to learn about a contest to win a beautiful quilt and more!

Win one of the quilts featured in #MyMothersQuilts by Ramona Richards. Also up for grabs: loads of other prizes including quilting hand warmers, coloring books, and 25 signed copies of Ramona’s book. Winners will be emailed after the contest ends on June 30, 2016. Click the image to get started!

thumbnail_Win This Friendship Quilt!

Disclaimer: I received this book free in return for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions and statements are my own.

Phil Wickham “Children of God” Album Review


I am so excited to be reviewing Phil Wickham’s new album, “Children of God“. I discovered Phil Wickham several years ago and have really enjoyed his music, and this new album is AMAZING! His single from this album is “Your Love Awakens Me” and Wickham sings about love of Jesus and how it is life giving and amazing – and the song is phenomenal. It’s upbeat and my children and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this in my van every day!


When I received my CD for review I was also sent a bio for Phil Wickham, it’s a pretty awesome testimonial. Apparently Wickham experienced some throat trouble back in 2014 and after having some tests the doctors discovered a vocal polyp (a lesion on his vocal cord), there were ways to get rid of it but healing would take a while and there wasn’t a guarantee that his voice would return to normal. Through it all, the fear, the uncertainty, he clung to Christ and now he is back with a new sound and a new heart.

You can learn more about Phil Wickham’s new album at his website HERE – you can find his album on iTunes and Amazon now!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in return for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions and statements are my own.


I was planning on writing a fun post about our Disney vacation before I wrote any other personal posts, but I think this one needs to be written first. You may have noticed that my blog has been missing a lot of personal posts this past year, year and a half. I’ve written a few here and there, but there was so much going on in our lives that I chose to not post what I really wanted to post.

Almost 2 years ago we started noticing that Bubby’s behavior was very unlike his older sister’s at his age. We brushed it off because they’re not the same person, they are two very different people and all kids are different! Then, as time went on it just got worse and worse. Screaming fits that would not stop, meltdowns that could last for hours, his loud outbursts, and more…. no one really believed me. No one thought anything was off, everyone said, “Oh, he’s just being a toddler! He’ll outgrow it!”


Fast forward a bit… this past year we’ve seen more behaviors that confirmed in my mind that something was not right. Bubby was completely potty trained, but going into a public bathroom was (and still is) a nightmare. All the noises of the automatic flushers, the hand dryers…. all of that overstimulated him and he would throw himself on the floor, cover his ears and scream. He would go into these meltdowns over the smallest things at home, and there was nothing I could do to help him, I would sit in the floor and wrap my arms around him and just hold him until his tiny body relaxed into mine…. but even then it could take an hour or more for him to fully calm down. There’s a lot more than that, but if I continued listing the things that we were noticing I might not ever stop writing.


My fears and concerns were validated this month, Bubby has a sensory processing disorder. A hypersensitivity disorder to be exact. I thought I would be more prepared for an official confirmation of this, but I wasn’t. I knew something was wrong, and I was proven right…. because let’s get real, mom’s know. They just know. Processing all of this is hard, my sweet boy struggles with things that other kids don’t. He has to work harder at coping with emotions and things around him than other kids do, and I hate that. I hate that so much.


When you learn something is different about your child, I won’t say wrong, because there’s nothing wrong with him, your heart breaks. You can’t fix it, you can help them cope with it, but you can’t fix it. You question if you did something wrong, if there was something you could have done differently during your pregnancy or in his infant months that could have prevented this. You question God, you ask Him why He would allow your child to face a hardship like this. But I’m also thankful. I’m thankful that it’s not something that will take his life, I’m thankful that he is healthy and thriving. I’m thankful that we know now what he is going through and that there are things to help him deal with everything.


So, if you’ve wondered why I’ve not posted very much… this is why. Please pray for us, please pray that during these next few months I can help him cope with this big move, that I can help him learn to handle everything around him and that I can show patience and understanding on the hard days.