MSM April Giveaway Bash!

It’s finally here! I started blogging in April of 2008, J and I were embarking on a new journey just a few months after we married. I never imagined that my blogging hobby would turn into what it is today. Mustard Seed Mommy has changed and evolved to be an outlet for me to share my life, try out some pretty amazing products, share some of those same products, and make a little money to contribute to our family finances. Thank you, thank you for being here, thank you for reading and commenting and sharing my posts. You, my readers, are the only way I can keep this blog going.

So, because I love you all so much for being my readers, I am throwing a huge April Giveaway Bash! Get excited y’all! These are some phenomenal products and ONE lucky lady will be winning EVERYTHING! Please check out all the products included and don’t forget to fill out the giveaway widget for your chance to win!

Mustard Seed MommyAprilGiveawayBash!

There are over $400 worth of products being given away, I’ve tried to pull together some of our favorite products as well as some new ones that were recommended to me and have fallen in love with. So, let’s not waste anymore time! Here are the amazing products/sponsors being offered up this month!

Beau and Belle LittlesSwim Diaper Review

 Beau and Belle Littles – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive a set of swim diapers and washcloths.

Love U Sew MuchNewborn Cloth Diaper Review

Love U Sew Much Etsy Shop – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive two newborn diapers with inserts.

Freshly Picked MoccasinsReview

Freshly Picked Moccasins – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive one pair of moccasins in their choice of size and color.

Mandelin Naturals Review

Mandelin Naturals – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive the same products in the above photo.

The Vintage HoneyTeething Necklace Review (1)

The Vintage Honey Shop – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive a teething necklace.


Jammies – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive a Jammies sleep sack.

I See Me! Personalized Book Review

I See Me! – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive a personalized 15th anniversary addition of My Very Own Name.

Baby Banana Brush Review

Baby Banana Brush – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive an age appropriate tooth brush.

Glow Bug Cloth DiaperReview

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive a cloth diaper with inserts.

Tiny Atlas DesignsReview

Tiny Atlas Designs – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive one stuffed animal of their choice.

PinkBlush Clothing Review

PinkBlush – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive a $50 gift certificate.

Baby Steps Scratch Off Pregnancy Calendar Review

Splash Brands – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive a Baby Steps Scratch Off Pregnancy Calendar.

Mint 2 SewReview

Mint 2 Sew (Clothees) – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive a $20 gift certificate.

The Coral CottageReview

The Coral Cottage – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive a set of burp cloths.

Lularoe Review & Giveaway (1)

LuLaRoe Okleshens VIP – See my full review HERE

Winner will receive a set of mommy and me leggings.

Lucky Stars Review

Lucky Stars – Full review coming SOON!

Winner will receive $25 gift certificate.

Other prizes: Nursing Shawl ($49.95) and Bamboo Angelicware Cloth Diaper w/Insert ($15).

What do you think? Pretty amazing right?! It’s super easy to enter, just complete as many or as few tasks as you want in the widget below. The more you complete the better chance you have to win! The contact information task is mandatory – your information will NOT be shared unless you are the winner of the giveaway, and then it will only be shared with the sponsors and used to contact you and send you your gifts! Good luck and thank you for being a MSM reader!

I See Me! My Very Own Name – 15th Anniversary Edition Book Review

I’ve done several reviews of the I See Me! Books and I can promise you that I have yet to be disappointed with their books. The quality is incredible and I love that you can have them personalized for your child. I See Me! is celebrating their 15th anniversary of their very first book! My Very Own Name is a super sweet book that helps your child learn to spell their name and recognize the letters of their name. It’s full of beautiful illustrations of animals and nature that share your child’s name and celebrate them at the end of the book.

I See Me! Personalized Book Review

As most of my readers know, I have not and will not disclose my children’s given names on the internet, you know my baby as Bird. Well, I don’t personalize their books with their nicknames so I will not be sharing the inside pages of our personalized book or dedication page. So I will be using stock photos.


One of the things I love about the I See Me! company is that they allow you to include a dedication page in their books. You can add a photo, a short little pre-written message and a birth date for your child. I think that adds a special little touch to your books.


Here you can see that the animals have been spelling out Aiden’s name, the elephant introduces the “E”! You can see the book in it’s entirety HERE.


Then at the end of the book the animals all celebrate the birth of the baby, Aiden. I think the illustrations are so pretty and colorful for this book. It’s one your children will love to read over and over again! Mine sure do! Boogie and Bubby want copies of their own!

Be sure to head over to I See Me! to purchase your child their own copy of the My Very Own Name book, and keep an eye out for the giveaway on my blog this weekend – among all the other amazing products I will have, you will also have the opportunity to win a copy of this book!

Baby Banana Brush Review

Baby Banana Brush Review

This is a product I wish I had discovered sooner. This is the Baby Banana Brush – or technically the one Bird is gnawing on is the Baby Banana Toddler Training Brush. Bird has several teeth and has been getting in some molars and canines this past month, so when I contacted the Baby Banana Brush company they asked me a few questions about Bird to get a better idea of what brushes we would need. They sent me the brush you see in the above picture and the Elefriend Toddler Toothbrush.

The Baby Banana Toddler Training Brush is for toddlers who still need the gentleness of a teething brush but are also old enough to start teeth brushing. This allows Bird to massage those sore gums and practice her teeth brushing skills!

The Elefriend Toddler Toothbrush is a good next step, or really you could introduce this soon after letting your toddler use the Banana brush. This brush has a normal toothbrush bristle end, but the handle is a flexible rubber that makes it a safe way for your toddler to learn to brush. We haven’t pulled this one out of the package yet, so I don’t have any photos of it as of yet.

The other products they carry are the regular and pink Baby Banana Brushes which have handles for your baby to easily grasp and the same soft flexible bristle end to gnaw on, very similar to the toddler training brush. They also have an octopus brush, a shark brush and a corn brush that are all great for little teethers! Baby Banana also carry a tooth gel for brushing, and a hippo grippo (these are used for high chairs to keep your little ones from sliding everywhere – genius!).

If you have a teething baby or a child ready to start brushing regularly, I highly recommend the Baby Banana Brush company! You’ll be seeing this company again in our giveaway tomorrow!

Mandelin Naturals Mom/Baby Products Review

This is the last of the WNC work at home momma shop that I will be sharing with you for the April giveaway going live this weekend. Mandy Overstreet is sharing her passion of using environmentally friendly and natural skin care products – she makes some pretty amazing products, the ones I’m sharing with you today are just a few! And a pretty cool bonus to this company is that Mandy donates a portion of her profits to a WNC animal rescue!

Mandelin Naturals Review

First two products are for adults, or for this review purpose, you mommas out there!


The first product is a Muscle Soothing Salt Soak, you can purchase this in a variety of sizes including 1.7oz (as you see above), 4oz, 8oz and 16oz. It also comes in a variety of scents including Postpartum Healing, Stress-Be-Gone, Healing Detox, Muscle Soothing and Good Morning. The combination of epsom, Himalayan, Pacific and Dead sea salts helps your body to naturally detox. The PostPartum Healing blend is perfect for new mothers, it can help in inflammation, pain, sore muscles and relaxation. It includes lavender, tea tree, and orange essential oils, as well as organic calendula, chamomile and lavender.

The second product is the Healing Himalayan Sea Salt Soap. This soap is amazing, I’ve used it several times since receiving it and the fragrance is awesome. It leaves my skin feeling so soft.

The second two products are geared to your baby!


The first is a Buttermilk Bastile Baby Soap (2oz), this also comes in a larger 4oz size. This mild soap is soothing and nurturing to your little one’s delicate skin and is also good for anyone that has very sensitive skin. This soap has a hint of lavender, and we all know that lavender works wonders in calming our sweet babies!

The second product is a Calming Calendula & Chamomile Baby Oil. This soothes sensitive skin and the hint of lavender is a great way to help calm your baby before bedtime. I have found that rubbing a little of this oil into Bird’s skin before I nurse her to sleep seems to help calm her and relax her so that she goes down easy!

Mandelin Naturals offers so much more, you’ll find so many products to fit yours and your family’s needs, including the furry friends in your life! Be sure to head over to Mandelin Naturals to check out all she has to offer!

PinkBlush Clothing Review

I discovered PinkBlush when I was pregnant with Boogie six years ago, their clothes are high quality and super comfortable during those months of pregnancy when you are already uncomfortable and feeling rather…. large. I’m happy to announce that PinkBlush has offered a $50 gift certificate for the winner of my April giveaway, which will go live this Saturday!

PinkBlush Clothing Review

The shirt I chose to review is a short sleeve plus size tunic, this black color is no longer available but you can find it HERE in white and grey. I am in LOVE with this tunic. It’s the perfect shirt to pair with jeans or leggings and this shirt has a stretchy material that is perfect for nursing or will even work as a maternity shirt! I love clothing that works for all stages of a mom’s life – pregnancy, postpartum, nursing, and mom life! I just love that you can find trendy maternity clothes here, sometimes those are hard to find!

The lace on the bottom is gorgeous, it adds just a touch of glamour to an otherwise basic piece. I’m hoping to find a nice belt to cinch this in for other outfits, but otherwise I like it just as it is for leggings/jeans. I can’t wait to try it out again when we get pregnant with Baby #4!


PinkBlush offers so much more than just tunics like these though! They have plus size clothing for maternity and your everyday, regular clothing. They also have regular sizes for maternity and regular clothing, as well nursing attire, baby gear (this includes baby carriers, nursing covers, burp cloths and so much more) AND accessories (shoes, hats, jewelry, etc)! This is your one stop shop mommas, this maternity boutique isn’t limited to just pregnancy!

Whether you are shopping for cute maternity clothes, or just shopping for a new dress or top for date night, you can find everything you need at PinkBlush! Be sure to head over to their site HERE to check out their maternity maxi dresses and more!