Baby Bird – 34 Weeks


How far along? 34 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 12lbs gained (I was wrong last week… yikes)

Maternity clothes? Yep, though even some of my maternity shirts are starting to not cover well. That grey shirt I wore as a pj shirt in the pic… it’s supposed to be maternity.

Stretch marks? Same old ones I’ve had since Boogie!

Sleep: Sleep…. oh sleep. I sleep okay I guess, I toss and turn a lot and my hips ache horribly… but I know it’ll only be LESS sleep once Bird is here!

Best moment this week: We took some maternity photos this week, planning on going out again to get more with the kids next weekend, so I’ll post after that happens :)

Movement: She’s a soccer player, she especially joys kicking me in the ribs and butting her head into my bladder.

Food cravings: Burritos. 

Gender: Girl!

Labor signs: Just Braxton Hicks, so my body is preparing, but we’re nowhere near that yet!

Belly button in or out? It’s pushed out… so in my case it’s flat lol

Wedding rings on or off? Depends on the day… some days they are super loose so I leave them off, other days they fit fine and I wear them!

What I miss: Clothes that fit correctly.

What am I looking forward too: Putting the last few touches on Bird’s room, we are postponing doing any painting on the furniture until spring, but other than that… I’m ready to get everything done!

Weekly Wisdom: Feel beautiful in your skin… I feel the most beautiful when I’m pregnant, even though I’m not this tiny little woman… I just love being pregnant!

Milestones: Bird could be around 5lbs now!

Weekend Wind-Down Party #42

Welcome to our Weekend Wind-Down Party!

We are a group of 4 bloggers (graphics will be updated soon!)  joined together to bring you a fantastic link party each weekend! We will begin on Friday nights as you wind down into your weekend and we anticipate your creative and amazing posts!

Please link up your diy, craft, foodie, inspirational, techie, frugal, homemaking posts! Please no giveaways or advertisements. We will each choose several features from the link up each week to highlight the following week! We will be pinning features to Pinterest and as well as social media shout-outs! So link up, visit others and have fun!


Every week, each of us hosts will choose our favorite post from the previous week’s party to be featured. In order to be featured you MUST follow the rules and link back to us (whether that be directly in the post you linked up with, on your sidebar, or in another place on your blog – you can find the graphic with html code to the right on my blog!).

The good thing about getting your blog post FEATURED is that we share on social media, give shout outs to those bloggers, and you get that blog post FEATURED at the top of the link party posts! This is how we show our appreciation for you linking up! So check out the FEATURES!

We are a little behind this weekend, we are all pretty busy so bear with us! I will add features as they are chosen :)

NOW! It’s link up time!

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These ladies are AWESOME, I’m so excited to team up with them for this fun link up party! Don’t forget to check out their blogs and social media sites!

Danielle (My Snippets of Inspiration) - Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Pinterest/LinkedIn

Nicole R. (A Living Sacrifice) - Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn

Sarah (Mustard Seed Mommy…ME!) - Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Pinterest/Instagram

Teresa (Moms Who Save) - Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Pinterest/

Your Family in Pictures Book Review



I LOVE THIS BOOK. I was a little hesitant about reviewing a book about photography because I just hadn’t found a book that I felt helped ME better my photography of my family. But this book is PHENOMENAL. It was just recently released this past August and it’s one of 3 in a series. The other two books are Your Baby in Pictures and Your Child in Pictures… I plan on purchasing them both at some point!

If you’re a novice photographer and want to improve the photographs of your family, this is the book to get. There are 7 different sections to this book including:

  1. Setting Yourself Up for Success: This includes finding great light in your home, steps to setting up great photos, ideas to get your family on board, using black and white for those okay photos, and candids.
  2. Developing a Photographer’s Eye: This includes practicing framing daily moments, unpacking photos, discovering lines, shapes and textures, cues for black and white photography, darkness, and being a storyteller vs. photographer.
  3. Everyday Life: This is all about finding those ordinary moments and documenting them with great photos!
  4. Holidays: Capturing great pictures during various holidays.
  5. Family Portraits: (self explanatory lol)
  6. Tweens & Teens: Best tips for photographing your older children.
  7. Family Vacations & Travel: Lots of great tips for different types of vacation photography!

I really can’t say enough about this book, the pictures are fantastic and she gives great tips to capture your family! I still have a long way to go in the world of photography, but I love the tips that I’ve learned from this book. You can purchase this book directly from Random House (you can also see a preview of the inside at that link) or purchase it from Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for review, all statements and recommendations are my own. 

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