Thank you LORD! It’s Friday! Last night I put together our new bed frame, for some reason J couldn’t get it together…. so I had to do it myself. I screwed it up a little bit, so Dad & my brother, Pickle came to help out. But finally, we have a bed that is no longer on the floor! A little background for you, before we got married or even started dating, J’s parents gave him a bed frame, headboard, foot board and mattress set that belonged to them. It’s queen size, pretty comfortable, but its OLD. Well, J thought it would be fun to run and do a belly flop on the bed….. not so funny! His side of the bed came down, it crashed into the floor. Not only did he brake the frame, he ruined the headboard. So for the past 5 or so months we’ve been sleeping on the mattress, on the floor. Fun? So I was very excited for that extra foot of height underneath our bed last night :).

I’m planning on cleaning everything really good tonight, and we have to rearranged the bedroom so I’ll probably post some pics of what our apartment looks like tonight. I did when we first moved in, but I had hardly ANYTHING in our rooms! I never really took pictures of our first apartment, so I’d like to do so with this one. Hopefully I’ll be taking new pictures of a new home this summer!

I don’t really have much going on this weekend, but I am VERY excited because one of my closest friends is coming home from school! (I LOVE YOU HANNAH!) I have hung out with her more than anyone this year, although it was only a few times since she’s going to school halfway across the state! Another friend of mine is coming over tomorrow to have lunch and hang out, he leaves for basic next week for the airforce!

I found a really cool blog on here called Homemade by Jill, it’s awesome! She makes all kinds of cute sock animals, baby clothes, shoes, and bibs. They’re ADORABLE. I’ll have to try some out whenever I start having kids! I love doing crafts, but I am so impatient…. my mother is definately they crafty one in the family!

Well, enough rambling and going off topic… I have to get back to work!

“The joy of the Lord is my strength!”
Nehemiah 8:10

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