God is in Control Sarah!

I have constantly struggled with fully relying on Christ from day 1. I am a control freak. There I admitted it. I like things to go MY way, and if they don’t go my way, I totally freak. (Just ask my husband! LOL) I am working on finding a way to remind myself to let things go and let God handle it. Something I have thought about a lot is getting a tattoo on my wrist, obviously at the moment I can’t afford one, so it’s out of the question, but it’s still something I think about. Don’t you ever feel like you need a constant reminder that says to you, “Remember GOD is in control.”? I thought about getting some sort of bracelet or ring that could remind me, but I have just never gotten around to it. I’m struggling with contentment, I’m struggling with letting go of control, and I’m struggling with listening to God’s call for me. I feel like my life is a constant back and forth pattern where I am constantly changing my mind because I think I’m doing what God’s asking, but then I’m thinking maybe that’s not what He meant? I’m trying whole heartedly (is that a word?) to listen to Him, and find His words for me… but it is so hard! Another thing I am really struggling with is comparing my life to those around me… I have to stop doing that. My life is grand, I have an amazing husband, precious puppies who I adore, a roof over my head and food in my pantry… yes there are things missing from my life that I still want more than anything, but I have to keep telling myself that for now, I am content. I need to be content. God is in control. Perhaps I should just go find a permanent marker and right God is in control on my wrist…. maybe more pondering from me later.

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One thought on “God is in Control Sarah!

  1. i found your blog through a google search… i am struggling with this concept now, too. i’ve been up most of the night, fighting away doubts and anxiety and praying for peace…

    God is trustworthy and righteous and sovereign. He will not forsake us. Joseph keeps coming up for me tonight: what his brothers intended for evil, God purposed for good. God is in control.

    i’ve been reading this great book by andy andrews called “the traveler’s gift” and in it he says that God doesn’t give us the ability to make every right decision, but he does give us the opportunity to make every decision right in time. as a young woman seeking God’s heart, i need to hear that.
    God is in control.

    thanks for your blog, it blessed me tonight 🙂

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