I apologize for my previous rant. You ever just have one of those days? That is why I LOVE this blog. No limits! I can rant and rave and fight through my emotions until I feel better and nobody can stop me! What’s even better is that I know despite my anger and disappointment… I am forgiven. Forgiven for every sin committed, forgiven for every slip of a naughty word, forgiven for every stray though… this wonderful Jewish carpenter suffered through horrendous beatings and a monstrous death in order to save my soul. Wow. What more could a person say? I think it’s simply AMAZING.

I have decided to start brand new today. Since moving into our new home I have become incredibly lazy, now before you jump to any conclusions this is partly from having to sit around doing homework nonstop (I can’t wait for Christmas break!) and not being able to have the time to do anything else! But then again, there are some moments when I just don’t want to do the laundry, or I don’t want to take the dogs out! That is changing today. I am determined to take a new step in my life and make a better effort. My husband has been so wonderful, I am constantly working on papers and catching up on homework so he dutifully does the laundry, washes the dishes, and does other household chores that I don’t ever seem to have time to do. I have a lot of homework and papers to write tonight, but I AM going to finish washing, drying, folding and putting away the laundry. I WILL make sure there are no dishes in the sink. The puppies will be taken out and I will be patient while they do their business. My house will be clean for once, and I will actually mop those dirty floors and vacuum those dusty rugs. I have a goal and I will meet it. And once that’s done I will make a scrumptious dinner to thank my spectacular husband for being the man of my dreams. Then I will work on my homework.

ps. Prayers might actually help this goal… any takers? 😉

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