Hmmmm… A Few New Ideas

I’m hoping to add some more pizazz to this blog of mine… first I want to re customize it. I’d also like to incorporate some crafty things including quilts I’m working on, loom projects, and possibly some crafty ideas I have for some little monsters I know ;-). I’d also like to ask my mom about getting copies of my great grandma’s recipes and possibly do one a week and post about it with pictures and the recipes to share. But for now it’s just a thought.

So I have lots of updates today…. drum roll please….

James and Jonathan are officially here! They arrived on Sunday, December 20th at 8:26pm & 8:27pm. Both are doing well and so is Ms. Janelle. I’m soooo excited for her and her family, and I’m sooooo excited to meet these two new Flint monsters in the future!

I have been working on a quilt for my husband’s nanny, it’s burgundy and white (with a burgandy floral print)… it’s almost finished, all I have left is to buy the batting, tied the square corners and finish the edges. Whoo! Since I’m currently snowed in and can’t buy the rest of the materials I need, I have also started cutting 1 inch squares out of all my scraps for a throw for well… me! I have scraps leftover from a few things I made James & Jonathan, scraps from Nanny’s quilt, scraps from a quilt I made Justin, and some various scraps bought at thrift stores. I’m lovvvving being crafty!

I am still snowed in. My car is BURIED and our drive way is literally over a foot deep in snow. Luckily my inlaws came and rescued me yesterday and took my husband and I to pick up a few groceries. Thank goodness for macho man trucks right? LOL

My friend Hannah is finally home from school! YAY! She was stuck in her apartment because of the snow but was finally able to drive back to our good old mountains safe and sound! Can’t wait to see my friend!

Mine and my husband’s friends from Michigan flew down on Saturday and had some issues getting to the house they are staying at, but thank goodness they finally made it! Can’t wait to see them either!

It’s currently 12:36am Eastern Time, so Christmas is officially 3 days away! Yikes! We are having a family Christmas Party at my mom’s house on Christmas Eve, which is great except that my Granny can’t get from the nursing home to my mom’s house… which is why I tried to get them to have the party at the nursing home so she could participate… guess I’m to young to know better right? So that’s a little disappointing, but Justin is going to help me prepare some yummy foods and puree them for her so that she can enjoy some of our holiday goodness!

I’m also happy to announce that this year, Justin and I are spending our own Christmas at home. In the past 3 Christmas’ we’ve had together we have run around to my parents, his parents, grandparents… EVERYWHERE and made the holiday so stressful we just wanted it to go away. Well not this year! However… unfortunately Justin has to work 12pm to 8pm which puts a bit of a damper on things, but since he works in the nursing home my Granny lives at… I’ll most likely go and spend the day with her. So that works out pretty well I think.

Wow. Now THAT was a long post. Let me know what you think about my ideas for updating my blog and until next time…. and if I don’t post before Christmas… Have a VERY Merry Christmas, and remember that JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON!

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