Well… I had deleted this blog, luckily for me blogspot keeps it “active” for 30 (or 90… I can’t remmeber) days so I changed my mind. This is my outlet for me to vent when I have no other way to do so. If someone reads this blog and doesn’t like what they read then DON’T read it. I write for myself, and occasionally my venting is read by my close friends who pray about situations that I’m dealing with. My blogs are not meant to harm anyone or to cause “drama” as a few put it… it’s for ME. I love my blog, I can look back on almost 3 years worth of my life stories and that is special to ME. So again. If you don’t like what I write, then don’t read it. This is MY blog. I’m an adult. I can write what I choose in MY blog. Thank you.

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