Project 365: Day 6

This year we decided to purchase little pumpkins and paint them, instead of getting large pumpkins and carving them like we usually do. We just don’t have anywhere to display carved pumpkins at our apartment, so this was the next best thing. We got 5 little pumpkins (one for J, me, Boogie, Snickers, & Mudgett) and borrowed some paint and brushes from mom… and here’s a little preview for you:

The one on the left is J’s…. DUH. He painted all 4 KISS faces on it. The middle one I painted, if you can’t tell by the bug eyes it’s Mudgett’s. The one on the right was my crappy attempt at painting flowers and butterflies for Boogie. Sigh. Oh well. Mine is a work in progress, as is the one J is painting for Snickers. Love Autumn 😀
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