A Project for Next Christmas

When I was little my mom made an advent calendar for Christmas, and we used it EVERY year… and as far as I can remember she still hangs it up. It’s definately worn and loved, and the sticky glue stuff she put on the back of the ornaments doesn’t stick as well… but I remember fighting with Dylan EVERY day in December to be the one that got to put the next ornament up to count down til Christmas. So next year, probably starting in the spring so that I don’t get overwhelmed with school, Boogie, and another sewing project, I am going to start making an advent calendar for our family. I love this blog called Homemade by Jill… not only does she have two beautiful children (I love to see her update with pictures of them, they have the best eyes!)but she is a crafty momma! She posts some of the coolest tutorials and pictures of things she’s made for her home, gifts and for her children. Recently I posted about some burp cloths that I made for Boogie (as well as some I made last year for Janelle), well I found that tutorial on Jill’s blog! Well… check THIS out! That is something she’s been working on for her family! I LOVE it! So that is what I will be working on next year, with a little help from my mom. I still have lots to learn about sewing, but now that Boogie is going to be here soon, it makes me want to learn that much more! I can’t wait to get started!

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