Routines and Other Things

As crazy as you may think this sounds, up until now we didn’t have a rock solid routine for Boogie. Which is crazy because I am the type of person that needs a routine, at least to a point! I have become a mommy that allows her child run the circus that I like to call life. I nurse her when she’s hungry, I change her when she’s wet, we play when she’s happy, we nap when she’s fussy… and it’s all on HER time, not mine. Lately though, Boogie has created a pretty routine schedule for us. We wake up for the day between 8:30-9:30am, play, I eat breakfast, and we change 2 diapers. Then around 11am she’s ready to go lay down again and nurse and sleep for about 2 hours. Sometimes I am able to get up and fix myself some lunch and throw a load of laundry in the washing machine before she realizes I’m gone, otherwise I read, blog, or catch up on shows I missed (I know… real exciting!). Around 1pm she wakes up, I eat if I didn’t get to before, we change 2-3 diapers, we play, we cuddle, I nurse her, sometimes we go outside, she snacks on an apple or a banana. Between 5-7pm she starts fussing again and I either nurse her in the living room and just hold her, sometimes I put her in the floor on her blanket (however she doesn’t appreciate that most days), or we lay down and I read or blog or watch tv (again… however during school I try to read schoolwork!). She wakes up 1-2 hours later and we play… and basically repeat everything we do allllllll day. Every other night around 8pm, sometimes earlier, we take a shower (if J is home, we all shower together and that way I am able to wash, he is able to wash and Boogie just enjoys the warm water). On off nights we hop in the tub and Boogieh gets all squeaky clean. After that we cuddle, nurse, and she’s ready to go down for the night. I can get more done in this time period because she sleeps till 12-2am depending on how well/long she napped during the day. I do laundry, help J with homework, cook dinner (typically on weekends when J is working because he is awesome and cooks the rest of the time usually), stuff diapers, etc until she wakes up. If J is off the next day we cuddle and talk and enjoy eachother’s company, and then I cuddle up next to him and Boogie and we sleep til the next morning.

Some people might think my life sounds boring, and yes, sometimes it is… but I adore spending the day with my Boogie, and I love being able to experience all the little moments with her! Eventually I hope that I can make time to workout, and if I can get her settled down enough in the mornings or evenings I’d like to go for walks… it’s just getting TOO hot to take long walks in the middle of the day like we used to do! Especially considering I wear her in a wrap to walk (I prefer to do that over using a stroller… SO much easier). Yea, I lay around a lot, that also means I don’t sleep as well at night… but the older she gets the longer I am able to leave her to sleep on her own, and eventually I plan on transitioning her to the pack n play or crib for naptimes during the day. She’ll probably (hopefully) transition once she’s eating food and not nursing as often… but who knows. I can’t predict how she will be, but whatever SHE decides is how it will be… at least for the time being 🙂 .

Tomorrow we are getting together with our families and Boogie’s godfamily (The Flint’s) to eat burgers, enjoy eachother’s company, but most importantly to dedicate our Boogie to the Lord. He has blessed us with this little girl, she lights up my life everyday and I can’t believe I lived life for 22 years without her! She has created new hopes and dreams in my heart and I look forward to seeing what other adventures and antics she brings to my life!

And as I posted before… she will be 5 months old on Saturday! FIVE MONTHS. Yikes! That means she’ll be crawling soon… sitting soon… eating soon… walking soon…. amazing. Who knows, 2-3 years from now I may be saying the same thing about Baby Massey #2! Life is incredible… it truely is.

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