Photo BOMB! And other things…

We had a wonderful holiday this past weekend, Boogie enjoyed the fireworks, we spent time with both sides of the family, and Boogie accomplished yet another milestone! Over night she went from sitting assisted and a little unwobbly unassisted for a few seconds to sitting completely unassisted! She’s growing so much, she’s turned into a “big” girl right infront of my eyes… I can’t believe it! I adore this little girl, she is such a wonderful baby!
In other news, J is very close to finishing his classes and he’s doing pretty well. Still has a lot to do, but he’ll get there! He’ll be taking the exam in September and hopefully after that we’ll be on the search for a new job and a new home! I’ll be back in school in August (ugh) and haven’t decided if I’ll be finishing my Associates or taking a break after the Fall semester. We shall see!
Not sure if I posted this or not but at Boogie’s 6 month well visit last week she weighed in at 16lbs 6.5oz and she was 25.5 inches tall! She’s definately bigger than her 5lb 13oz, 18.5 inch tall newborn self!
We got to spend a little time with Hannah and her boyfriend on Sunday, she hadn’t seen Boogie since she was itty bitty so that was nice! And hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to spend some time with Janelle and her Flint Monsters!
Until next time…..

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