Patience… that’s something I’m struggling with lately. We’ve started Boogie on a schedule of sorts, we’re not necessarily making her nap at the same time everyday, but we are having her nap every 2-3 hours. So far, it’s working fairly well, however, bedtime is an entirely different story. My girl sleeps GREAT… once she gets to sleep. After trying CIO for about an hour during a nap one day, I have decided that it’s really just NOT for us. Not only was it very upsetting for me, but Boogie was hysterical… gasping for air, turning purple. And that, I was not OK with. The plan is to have her nap every 2-3 hours all day, which usually means 3 naps a day, nursing before each nap. Then, bedtime routine was starting at 7 (or depending on her last nap a little later if needed) with a bath/shower, 30 minutes of playtime, 2 or 3 books in bed, and then we lay down and I nurse her to sleep. It had been working… until tonight. I’m thinking 7 might be too early, so we might go back to 8, and work our way down to an early bedtime. She fought me and J all evening. We did our routine as usual, and she DID fall asleep, but she woke up after 15 minutes ready to play. I tried nursing her, rocking her, holding her, walking with her, everything! I was incredibly frustrated and quickly losing my patience, so we finally just sat in the floor with her and played for an HOUR until she was too tired to play anymore. I nursed her for 7 minutes and she was asleep.

I really didn’t mind waking up with my newborn every couple of hours to feed her, because I knew at that time in her life she NEEDED that nourishment and mommy/baby time. NOW… I’m not so patient or excited about it. Boogie sleeps through the night, she is very capable of doing so without nursing… so when she wakes up wanting to play or be cuddled… I do it, but I’m usually very frustrated about it. We will continue to co-sleep, for everyone’s sanity, but after her 1st birthday, when I feel like she is ready and can understand a little better that when it’s time for bed, it’s TIME for bed… then we might revisit CIO. Until then… I’m staying FAR, far away!

Please pray for my sweet Boogie, pray that she finds sweet dreams and has a pooplosion tomorrow. (Really… she NEEDS to poop). Amen! 😉

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One thought on “Patience

  1. ughhh, sleep through the night. I just want one night! Hahah! We had a similar CIO experience when I tried it this week. After 40 minutes he started wheezing so I picked him up!

    As for poop, I know you’re doing BLW but Oatmeal has REALLY made T regular! We have it every morning mixed with a homemade fruit puree and he has a good poop every morning second diaper of the day now!!!! Just some food for thought 😉

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