Well, it seems like every other night Boogie has a good night… and then a bad one. Last night wasn’t too bad actually. She went down a little early because she hasn’t been napping well (thanks to our wonderful LOUD neighbors), so she was asleep by 7… woke up twice between then and 10 but J got her back to sleep fairly quickly both times. Then she didn’t wake up until 1:45! And then she woke up at 3:30 and we didn’t get her back to sleep until almost 4:15. J finally got her back to sleep for me and she slept til almost 6. I was too tired to fight with her so we just went and laid on the couch and slept til 8. Overall a good night… especially compared to the night before when she was up every few hours!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, tomorrow is Boogie’s 10 month birthday! I still haven’t completely decided what I want to do for her 10 month photos… obviously some will have something to do with Halloween, but other than that I’m not sure what we’re doing! Anyways… just wanted to update a little on Boogie’s sleep training. 🙂

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