Proud Mama Monday

Saw this fun blogging link up on a friend’s blog… you can read about her Proud Mama moments on her blog, A Work in Progress!
Anyways, so this past week Boogie has taken off! She’s officially a toddler… which is both exciting and depressing all at the same time! So we celebrated by buying her some new shoes. And no child of mine can go without a pair of chucks!

I also decided to try wrapping again… in the past several months it’s been impossible to wrap Boogie. She stretches her legs and I haven’t been able to get a good seat under her when I back wrap her… but lately she’s let me do it again! I even wrapped her at Target the other day, but after being on my back for about an hour she was over it and wanted to sit in the buggy! But that was better than nothing!

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