I’ve been planning for a while to start learning the alphabet with Boogie. So this week we are starting with the letter “A”! I’ve got several little coloring pages and crafts to do with her this week, and of course… we have to do her favorite everyday…. Starfall! If you have never checked out Starfall you should… it’s a great website with little songs and activities for the alphabet for free! You can purchase a membership and gain access to other activities and such for numbers, colors, etc. My mom uses this in her special needs class, and those kids LOVE it. I’m going to purchase the membership at some point because it’s totally worth it to me.

Pinterest has become my best friend when it comes to finding activities to do now that we are starting our ABC’s. Here are a few we are doing this week:

I got this printable from MelodySoup… have to incorporate music somewhere! Ha! (note: I cropped this, her letters are actually grouped together in two’s)
This activity is from No Time for Flashcards, obviously for this one I did the cutting ahead of time, so Boogie will just help glue on the teeth, color the alligator and add eyes!
This is from Education.com, they have a TON of printables and activities to do.
This is a whole list of handprint crafts to do for each letter of the alphabet. I found this on E is for Learning, Boogie is going to love doing these ‘E’ crafts… she LOVED the alligators at the zoo!
This printable is from A Heart For Home, which is one of my all time favorite blogs. The link is actually for a whole packet for the letter A. We don’t have any dot markers as of yet, but I’m going to let Boogie use circle stickers for this. She’s not old enough to really learn how to write her letters, but I thought since she likes stickers so much, she’d enjoy this extra ‘A’ activity.
This last printable is from Daily Coloring Pages, they actually have the whole alphabet. Boogie likes to point out some of the animals she knows on these letters.
We are also going to watch some videos from Sesame Street about A, and I have found some other YouTube videos that will be great as well. Boogie loves to color and play with stickers, so hopefully she’ll enjoy this this week! Wish us luck!

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