::SIGH!:: My brain is on major overload right now… my second biology class has started and holy homework. That class is definitely going to keep me on my toes. And… she does not open exams until 2 days prior to their due dates, so there’s NO way I can get this class done before Bubby is here. UGH! I’m still going to work ahead, so maybe at least I can get all the quizzes and labs done before then and just do the exams as they open? I really wanted to get this stuff done and do my final exams in October… but she’s not willing to budge on this. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Anyways! I had my prenatal appointment yesterday, including my glucose test. THAT was fun! Bubby is growing perfectly and his heart rate was 150bpm, the resident who was working under the midwife I saw yesterday had a hard time measuring him and finding him because he was moving so much! Ha! I’ve gained a total of 6lbs, so 3lbs up since my last appointment. I’m still at the VERY low range of weight gain, which they aren’t concerned about. I imagine I’ll start steadily gaining a pound every 2 weeks like I did with Boogie from now until Bubby arrives. Can you believe he’ll be here in 13ish weeks?

Preparations for Bubby are still under way. We need to get on the ball with his decor, J is painting some wooden plane and train models to hang and display and I have two plaques with a train and an airplane I need to finish painting… then we need to hang those up. We need to decide on the car seat we want (I have two I like and that have great reviews and safety features), have it installed (in early November) and around that time I will start packing mine and Bubby’s bags for the hospital. I also need to prepare Boogie’s bags so that everything will be ready for Mawmaw to meet us at the hospital. I need to register at the hospital… I need to write up my birth plan… and we need to go on vacation. Ha!

That’s about it as it goes for Bubby. Boogie is doing well, I think she’s a little under the weather today because of how she’s been acting. Hopefully she’ll be better once she wakes up from her nap! Still waiting on my products to review in the mail, so keep an eye out for those… and that’s it! Goodbye for now!

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