Fell Off the Wagon…

Yea. And it hurt. After a week of a vegetarian/gluten free diet I fell off the bandwagon? Well, a combination of stress, crazy life happenings, and not wanting/able to make a completely separate meal for myself every day. And now I feel like poo. That’s the nicest way to put it. My stomach hurts after eating, not because I’ve overeaten or anything… I think it’s because my body LIKED eating vegetarian and gluten free. I have no idea what to do though, because we just can’t afford a complete gluten-free diet and the rest of the family being on a normal diet. I’m thinking I may avoid eating breads altogether, but not be super strict about checking ingredients for gluten… and only eating meat meals 2 or so days a week. J agreed to eating more vegetarian meals as long as it doesn’t include tofu or tempeh (bahahah… we tried tempeh, I liked it… him, not so much!). So yea. There’s my update on that.

The kids have their check ups on Tuesday so be looking for an update on both of them in the next week!

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