Not A Resolution

I’ve never made New Year’s Resolutions… I think that instead of that we should be making life changes that are achievable and reachable. So, my life changes will be eating better (cleaner and healthier), watching my portion control, sticking with a workout routine, and I hope to lose 20lbs by June! My weight right now is 216, I weighed in at 246 just before Bubby was born, dropped to 230 just after he was born, was 222 at my 4 week postpartum checkup, and was at 216 today. So I am officially at my pre-Boogie weight. My goal is to reach 145 by the time Bubby turns 2 (November 2014) so that when we start to TTC Baby #3 I will be more fit, healthier, and hopefully a little more comfortable! Please pray for me as I start this journey!

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