I’m Still Here!

Kind of… we are officially internet and smart phone free, which means only 1-2x a week access to my blog or other social media sites! So you will hear from me a lot less frequently. Sorry y’all!

Anyways… just to update you, let’s do so in bullet form. It’s quicker 😉

  • Boogie is peeing on the potty!
  • Boogie is NOT pooping in the potty…
  • Bubby is 4 months old! (and has his check up on Monday)
  • We are all moved in to our new home and have started planting flowers!
  • J passed his CDM exam and is officially certified! So now the job hunting begins…
  • I am now 25 years old… officially a quarter of a century… hmmm
  • Our Flint Family all made it safely to Washinigton
  • My friend C and I are headed to an event tomorrow… it’s all about birthing and babies so we will be in hog heaven 😉
And I think that’s it….

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