9 Months Old


I’ve gotten really behind on updating on Bubby’s milestones and such his first year, but I think I can be forgiven considering I have a 2 year old running around as well, right?! Ha! Anyways…. Sweet Bubby turned 9 months old on Monday! Crazy! This year has gone by so fast, I can’t even believe it. So in 3 VERY short months we will be celebrating his 1st Birthday, and then a short month after that we will be celebrating Boogie’s 3rd! Yikes!


Bubby now has 6 teeth and the 7th is cutting right now… literally right now he’s screaming at me because he wants mommy milk! So this momma is not only blogging, but nursing as well! Multitasking, and now you know that Bubbhy is still a nursing champ! He’s getting around VERY well, so well that he is getting into EVERYTHING, including messing with the wood stove. We currently have a bunch of stuff around it to keep him away from it until we can get a gate!


Other than that mischief, Bubby is sleeping pretty well. He has had a few nights during teething when he moans and wants to nurse ALL night. But honestly, he is a great sleeper! We are considering transitioning him into his crib in the next few weeks or months, he has started moving in his sleep more and I’m a little nervous about that since our bed is HUGE and HIGH off the ground. We’ll see how that goes… our experience with Boogie (and at the same age I might add) was not pleasant!


As for Boogie, she is so smart and caring, I just can’t believe how much she is growing up! We start our “official” tot school schedule on Monday, please pray that everything goes smoothly! I hope that by starting a short schedule now, we can slowly build on that and she will be used to it by the time we start Home School for Kindergarten! And not only that, but Bubby will be able to join in as well! Next week we will just be introducing the alphabet and playing some games and such to get started, after that each week will have a Theme, a letter of the week, and we will alternate between a shape and color of the week! I’ll try to post some of the activities we do and where I got those particular activities!


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