The Versatile Blogger Award!

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Ashlee at Willfully Disobedient! Thank you so much, Ashlee!



Rules/How it works:

  1. Display the award certificate.
  2. Announce your award with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers.
  4. Link to your nominees and let them know they’ve been nominated.
  5. Include 7 interesting things about yourself in the post.


I am nominating:

  1. Motherhood and Miscellany
  2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  3. Biblical Homemaking
  4. A Work in Progress
  5. Military Spouse House
  6. A Touch of Grace
  7. Fun at Home with Kids
  8. Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic
  9. Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles
  10. A Bunch of Bennetts
  11. Adventures in Mommyland
  12. Adventures of the Roberts
  13. Chasing Cheerios
  14. Everything for Ana
  15. Mrs. Mommy


7 Interesting Things About Me:

  1. I am a guitarist… love love love my guitar, but I NEVER get to play it. I used to write songs, and sing, and play gigs…. maybe someday I’ll be able to do that again!
  2. I have never been out of the country,  further west than Tennessee, further north than Ohio… but I’ve been all the way down South to Florida! LOL!
  3. I don’t think I write well at ALL, but I LOVE it. I love telling our family adventures, and writing our day to day lives. I love that our children can come here and read them someday!
  4. Right after high school I went to a local Presbyterian College to get a degree in Youth Ministry… instead I got married at 19 and the rest is history 😉
  5. I’m afraid that when we have Baby #3, it will be an accidental home birth… seriously though, I’d love a home birth, but I’d want to have planned that ahead of time. J on the other hand, not crazy about that idea. But Bubby, that child came FAST!
  6. I was SCARED TO DEATH to make this page a “.com” of it’s own… would people read it? Would people think I was dumb for doing this? So I stopped second guessing myself and just did it, no matter what other people thought!
  7. I would love a house FULL of children, like the Duggars full. But… I think J would kill me.


Again, I’d like to thank Ashlee from  Willfully Disobedient for the nomination…. and you should totally check out her page. With a name like that…. she’s pretty darn cool!

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  1. Oh thank you so much again for nominating me for the award and so happy to get to know you better here!! 🙂

  2. We had a home birth. It was great. New Dawn is a great midwifery if you wanna go that way.

  3. Thanks for the nomination! I love these facts about you!

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