10 Months

My sweet boy is 10 months old today! Yikes! How did that happen? In 2 months we will hit 1 year old… and shortly after that Boogie will be 3. AHHH! I just can’t handle it! That just seems crazy to me! Little man is a rambunctious boy, that’s for sure. He is constantly going going going and I’m pretty sure he’ll be walking before he hits his first birthday. He almost has 8 teeth… this 8th one has been a doozy though, it keeps popping through and then going back down! Poor guy! He is now pretty much eating whatever we eat, minus the junk (I know, we have to stop… and we’re trying). He loves playing with balls and trucks… and he even makes the “vroom vroom” sound! He can sign “milk”, “please”, and “more”. The few words he knows are, “mama”, “daddy” (sounds more like “da-day”), “papa”, “nana”, “mil” (milk), “buh bye”, “yay”, “hi” and I think that’s it….  Happy 10 month birthday monster, we love you!


ps. Pumpkin Pie tutorial will be posted TOMORROW!

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2 thoughts on “10 Months

  1. What a cute little guy you have! My 2nd just turned 1 in August…it’s insane how fast the time goes by when you have kids. Enjoy him (as I’m sure you’re doing!)! 🙂

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