Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 4


Day 4 (Wednesday) : What has been your favorite blog post you have ever written? (Leave a link so we can go check it out.)

Both birth stories of my children are on top of my list, however I think Bubby’s tops the charts. Not because it meant more or for any other reason than because I got the birth I wanted. Boogie’s birth was nothing like I had planned, my water broke and nothing happened… so I was then induced and the pain was horrible. I ended up with an epidural and my recovery was slow going because of that. The outcome was pretty fantastic though, my sweet girl was worth all of that and more. Bubby’s birth was everything I wanted, my labor started on it’s own a day after my estimated due date (you read that right, EDD is ESTIMATED not definite), we went to the hospital several hours after my first contractions started, the admitted me an hour later and then two hours from the time we arrived at the hospital he was here! Naturally, no medical interventions… just my body doing what it was meant to do! I felt incredibly empowered that day, I hope that someday more births for more women will be like that, pregnancy and birth is not a medical condition… it’s natural!

Boogie’s Birth Story 

Bubby’s Birth Story

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9 thoughts on “Blog Every Day September Challenge, Day 4

  1. Its interesting that one person can experience two very different births… I know a lot of people who have stories like that, where one of their children had so many complications and surprises, while the other child basically just popped out with a smile on his face!

  2. I am so jealous! My children were born years before I started blogging. It would be so great to have the stories recorded for them. I could write them now but I would forget so much. You are brilliant!!

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