Green Mountain Fair Trade K-Cup Review

Coffee… J and I love coffee. Thankfully, my son doesn’t seem to be super affected by caffeine, so I enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee every morning when I have time to enjoy it… that’s rare, but I try! So, I was given the opportunity by to review Green Mountain Coffee‘s new fair trade K-Cups! Who can say no to free coffee?!

By far the coolest thing about this coffee is that it is fair trade. What’s fair trade? Check out this awesome site to find a little bit more about Fair Trade. Essentially, fair trade is providing fair wages for products from developing countries. Kelly Clarkson was given the opportunity to visit a farm in Peru that produces the beans for Green Mountain Coffee’s fair trade products. She helps pick some coffee beans and really learns why fair trade is so important for people like Sabina, who owns her own farm in Peru. Go HERE to see more about Kelly’s trip.


We received two sample boxes with two K-cups each inside, as you can see, we received the Three Continent Blend to try.


I was a little nervous about the ones they sent us… I’m a weak coffee lover, what can I say? I love Starbucks Blonde roast if that gives you an idea of my kind of coffee. This coffee is a medium roast, extra bold…. eek!

I was also sent coupons galore…


Yea… you’re reading that right. I had a whole booklet of coupons for 50% off Keurig machines! Sorry though… they are ALL gone! J was the first one to try the coffee,  must admit that I ALWAYS make him the guinea pig, haha!


Used my favorite mug… Christmas present from my dear friend Hannah a few years ago… (I’m sure you needed to know that).


It smelled SO good, my mouth was watering…


J added a little sugar and some hazelnut creamer to his coffee…


So far, so good… and please excuse his non shaved head and face… this was prior to going to work!


Umm….  I don’t think he liked it.


He was a good sport though! He really didn’t like it. I don’t have picture commentary of me trying it (I know, you’re bummed… sorry!) but I will say that I wasn’t a huge fan either. I used pumpkin spice creamer in mine, and while that helped… I just can’t drink a medium to dark roast… I just can’t. Now, I will say that Green Mountain Coffee has other REALLY great roasts and flavors, I haven’t had the Fair Trade version, but I’m sure I would like those. Our favorite is the Nantucket Blend or the Breakfast Blend… and I just noticed that they have a Fair Trade Pumpkin Spice… I’d love to try that one!

Don’t forget to check out Green Mountain’s Facebook and Twitter pages! And… if you buy this brand of coffee (the three continent blend) you can receive a free download of one of Kelly Clarkson’s songs!

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