My Monster

This boy of mine. Wow. He is a wild one. Wild. No clue what I’m going to do with him.


Yep. That’s my kid. Ornery as all get out. And you know what? I can’t be mad at that squishy little face. Nope, not even when he has kept me up all night wanting to nurse EVERY 45 MINUTES. No kidding. Every 45 for the past 3 nights.


And when he’s not wanting to nurse every 45 minutes, he’s refusing to sleep in his bed… so instead he’s kneeing me in the face, or kicking J in the back, or pinching the underside of my arm… or sticking his fingers up my nose. Yes. That is my son.


He’s too cute to be mad at. Even when I make the mistake of wearing him after dinner… just an hour before bedtime thinking it will make him stop fussing… and THEN I can put him to bed. Nope.


Nope. I can’t. Because I know that no matter how grumpy, or ornery, or stubborn he might be… I get to look forward to his milestones. I get to watch this sweet boy get SO excited because he can stand all by himself now…


I get to watch both of my boys snuggle and SNORE together. And I do mean snore.


I get to experience all of these silly faces and crazy antics…


I get to watch him make the BIGGEST messes and find the utmost JOY in those messes.


Even the messiest of all messes…


He is a handful, that much is true. Very very very very true.


And he drives me absolutely BANANAS most days. But that face. That adorable, squishy face.


He brings me SO much joy. He and his sister both. This baby is turning into a toddler before my eyes.


I am so blessed. So incredibly blessed to be his mommy.


So, tonight… 2 hours after his bedtime… I will not be angry with him, or get annoyed that he is STILL awake. I’m going to revel in his joy, his sweet “mama” words and those every 45 minute feedings.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Hug your babies close and revel in every moment you are blessed with.

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