WNC Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway

If you’ve never heard of Macaroni Kid then you need to get on board… seriously, these newsletters are AWESOME! We live in Western NC and I get the newsletter from a few different locations, one in particular I have been featured in! So, if you are in the Waynesville, Bryson, Canton or Sylva area of NC be sure to check out Macaroni Kid’s giveaway for a FREE Thanksgiving dinner! Click on the picture below to enter, you just have to comment with a story about one of your Thanksgiving Disasters!

J and I had a disaster our first Thanksgiving as newlyweds… we were brilliant I tell you. We decided to use one of those turkey bags to keep the turkey yummy and moist, so we thought it would be a GREAT idea for J to hold the bag open OVER THE FLOOR and me to drop the turkey in. Well duh. The turkey of course busted through the bag and went “kersplat!” on the floor. Then we looked at each other, froze, and I said, “What do we do?” So what did we do? We called our moms. See? Told you… we were brilliant. It wasn’t a complete disaster though! We just rinsed that sucker off, put it in a new bag (NOT over the floor this time), cooked it… and enjoyed!

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