Happy First Birthday Bubby!

If you go back almost 2 years… yikes… you’ll find a post I did for Boogie’s birthday. (Or you can just click HERE, you’re welcome!) For whatever reason, when I moved from Blogspot to WordPress my old posts with pictures look weird (perhaps it’s just on my computer?), but if you go look I posted a whole slew of pictures for her birthday. I take monthly pictures of my kids their first year of life, as well as weekly photos of my pregnancies. I think they are fun to have and I love going back and looking at all of them! So, hopefully this will tide you over for a while! Crossing my fingers I get my Fels Naptha Review posted this weekend, and then next week is Bubby’s 1 year check up, so I will post an update with different pics and his stats then. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

10 weeks pregnant… (announcement photo)

01 10 weeks

20 weeks

02 20 weeks

30 weeks

03 30 weeks

40 weeks (1 day before his arrival!)

04 40 weeks

Brand New!

05 brand new

1 Month

06 1 month

2 months

06 2 months

3 months

07 3 months

4 months

08 4 months

5 months

09 5 months

6 months

10 6 months

7 months

11 7 months

8 months

12 8 months

9 months

13 9 months

10 months

14 10 months

11 months

15 11 months

12 months!!!!! Happy Birthday Monster!

16 12 months

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