1 Year Stats – Bubby

I’m still in disbelief that this sweet baby of mine is ONE!

16 12 months

Bubby is now a little over 20 pounds and 29″ tall (he’s grown 1.5 inches in ONE month… sheesh!), he is into EVERYTHING. We finally got all of our cabinet doors in the kitchen latched, we have a gate around the wood stove and Christmas tree…. the bathroom doors stay closed all day, as does the door to mine and J’s bedroom. All of that, and he still manages to get into mischief.


If you weren’t around when Bubby was born, you can read his birth story HERE or on Birth Without Fear.

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2 thoughts on “1 Year Stats – Bubby

  1. Lol he is too cute!!! I guess this is what I have to look forward to!!!! Locking up my home! Lol I have a 6 week old son! Lol I like your blog! I was checking out other mommy blogs. I jUst started mine so I wanted to see what other mommys were doing! My blog is virtuouswoman0325.blogspot.com it’s not much yet but it will be one day!

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