Hello 2014!

Hi! It’s been a while, right?! I really missed blogging, but I’m thankful that I made the decision to take a few weeks to enjoy the holiday season and my sweet babies! It’s been a crazy month for us… lots of big changes! My last few posts were about Bubby turning ONE… still can’t believe that!

01 jan


J celebrated his 27th birthday, we did so by going to see this really awesome light show in town. Boogie was a little grumpy during it (she was hungry and we were heading to dinner after the show) but she LOVED the 12 Days of Christmas lights they had on display. We did lots of Christmas and winter themed crafts of course, built a gingerbread house, made lots and lots of cookies (which we shared with all of J’s staff at work) and thoroughly enjoyed spending time together this season. Boogie is finally at the age where she REALLY gets Christmas and Santa and Baby Jesus’s birthday, so it was a lot of fun this year. She also knew that once Christmas came that her birthday was next, so that was very exciting for her as well.

02 feb

After Christmas we took Boog to see Frozen, this was her first time to the movie theater… she LOVED it. She was a little frightened at first with how loud it was, but once she sat down, started enjoying her juice and popcorn, she was set. The movie was GREAT, if you haven’t taken your kids, do so! It’s a wonderful movie! After that she wanted to have a Frozen birthday party (thank goodness I hadn’t already purchased Sofia party supplies, haha!) so we stocked up at Walmart and Target with snowflake and winter themed decor (I will post about this more thoroughly another day!). My big girl is THREE…. AH! I can’t believe it!

03 mar


So, birthdays were celebrated, Christmas was celebrated…. AND we are buying a house 😀  I cannot begin to explain to you how excited we are. We have completed the inspection and the appraisal, working on completing paperwork at the bank, and we are set to close at the end of January! This will be our FIRST house, we have always rented, so this is just INCREDIBLE!

04 apr


I’ve always been disappointed that we weren’t able to buy a house prior to having children… but now that I have children, I’m thankful that we weren’t able too until now. I’m sure the house we would have purchased years ago would be drastically different from what we have chosen now. And I imagine I would not have been focused on what would work for a family, but what would have worked for ME. This house is incredible, I can’t wait to share pictures of it once we get settled!

05 may

So that’s about it for the past month, these coming few months are going to be super busy… so I’m hoping to have a few guest posts pop up here and there while we pack, move and get settled into our new home. If you’re interested, there’s a contact button at the top of this page, just click that and shoot me a message with your info and I will get back to you with more information!

06 jun


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, be looking for more updates, guest posts and hopefully some giveaways in the near future! Until then…. here are some more pictures of my babies from this past year!

07 jul


08 aug


09 sept


10 oct


11 nov


12 dec




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