How to Create Your Dream Board – Guest Post

Every once in a while we give thought to our goals and aspirations. We daydream about excelling in our careers, traveling to that destination we’ve always wanted to go to, or even those pair of shoes that we’ve had our eyes on for a while. Daydreaming although healthy and inspiring; merely comes in waves in our busy day to day lives, usually causing us to put our visions for the future on the backburner. It is always easier to visualize your desires as a reality when you remind yourself of them every day. And one of the best ways to help you keep sight of your goals is to make a Dream Board. Creating Dream Boards or Vision Boards are a fun and encouraging way to keep you thinking positively about your dreams while helping you to visually see them every day! Building your own Dream Board is an exciting and motivating task anyone can do and can easily be done in 4 simple steps:

Dream big words
1. Find your board
Whatever you want to use as the base of your board is completely up to you.  You can use a cork board to easily add things daily, a white board, a poster board, or even a mirror that you can write on and get creative with.

2. Find your images
Lots of magazines are helpful.  Start tearing pages and cutting images and pile them up before you start glueing.  You can also use pictures you’ve taken personally, maybe some of you and your family, strategically placed in that magazine cutout of your dream house.  You can use internet images, book pictures, or even drawings.  Choose images that best represent your biggest goals and ambitions so that when you see them, you can envision yourself getting closer and closer to achieving that dream!

3. Decorate
Personalizing and decorating your Dream board is where you make it your own.  Make it fun and eye-catching; something that when you look at it, it radiates good thoughts and healthy visions about your goals. Add colors, textures, pictures, quotes; whatever you want to make it stand out and inspire you every day.

4. Hang it up
Place your Dream Board in a spot that can’t be missed.  This can be anywhere from your refrigerator door to your bedroom wall.  The best place is where you are going to see it no matter what, so that you can easily envision your dreams and give yourself daily motivation.

5. Declare It
Take a picture of it and share it with the world.  Let everyone you know in on your dreams.  This will give you a little pressure I like to call accountability.  It’s hard to fail or quit in public so when you post it on your Facebook or Instagram you won’t want to fail in front of your friends so you will work harder to get what you want.

Now that you have your steps and your tools, the most important part is having a positive mindset. When you look at your Dream Board each day, remind yourself that those aspirations are attainable and that each day you’re a step closer to reaching your dreams than you were before. Don’t lose sight of your goals and always #DreamBIG!

Barbara Boser is a leader in the direct sales industry with It Works Global.  She is a top money earner and has built her business online.  She spends her time helping people get healthier and wealthier.  Her favorite past time is traveling and she resides in Los Angeles, CA. You can find her blog HERE, and please take some time to follow her Facebook and Twitter pages!

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