Love/Hate Relationship…. with Breastfeeding

Yes, you read that right. I’ve been struggling with whether or not I should post this or not… it’s a hot topic, breastfeeding. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE it. Truly, I do. Those first newborn nursing snuggles are heavenly bliss. They fit right in the crook of your arm, make the sweetest little sounds. It’s AMAZING. You just can’t get enough of that precious newborn scent, there’s nothing like it!

Then… a few months go by and things are probably going well. And then the teeth come. Boogie did pretty well with that, she bit me a few times to test the waters, but after that, never again. Bubby on the otherhand… we don’t call him Monster for nothing. But you keep on trudging on, because hey, breast is best!

12 months comes before you know it, all the formula feeding mommas are discussing weaning their babies off of bottles and formula, moving their babies to cow’s milk (or soy or coconut or almond or goat… whatever floats your boat). Not me… I’m still nursing. Seriously though, I love nursing. I am a breastfeeding advocate, I get ticked when I read stories of moms being patronized, ostrasized, judged (and any other creative word you can think of) because they choose to nurse their toddlers and preschoolers.

You know what I don’t love? The all day, never ending nursing sessions. The days when this sweet, lovable boy of mine wants to drink his “mil” ALL DAY LONG. He signs milk, he says “mil”, he pulls on my shirt, he clings to my legs, he throws himself on the floor in a fit… because he wants to nurse ALL DAY LONG. Newborns don’t do this. Even 6 month olds… rarely do they do this. Boogie did this for a little while around 10 or so months…. Bubby…. he’s been doing this for months.

So yes, I love breastfeeding. I love the benefits, the antibodies, the nourishment, the special cuddles that my monster baby gets. I love to remember those sweet newborn suckling sounds, the satisfaction that I am giving my child the BEST milk to support his developing immune system. I do. I love it. However… I promise you, that there isn’t a momma out there who has never wanted a break from it, or been frustrated with the overwhelming responsibility it holds.

To all those mommies who pump to supply their child’s milk… you are AMAZING.

To all those mommies who struggled to get their supply up for their child and succeeded…. you are AMAZING.

To all those mommies who struggled to get their supply up and could not… you are AMAZING.

To all those mommies who hold back the tears when those sweet, precious babies chomp down on your breasts… you are AMAZING.

To all those mommies who aren’t afraid to feed their child wherever, whenever, and around whomever…. you are AMAZING.

To all those mommies who tried and couldn’t handle the burden or toll that breastfeeding takes… you are AMAZING.

To all those mommies who nurse their children BEYOND the “normal” 1 year range…. you are AMAZING.

To all those mommies, like myself, who don’t always love nursing…. and still do it anyways…. you are AMAZING.


That sweet boy thinks you’re amazing too… even if he is a little demanding 😉

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12 thoughts on “Love/Hate Relationship…. with Breastfeeding

  1. I’m one who wasn’t capable of it…my babies were dehydrated…my second born even hospitalized for dehydration on the day he came home from the hospital. I envy you!

  2. I just love nursing my little man. It has been a struggle from day one with my second child. When nurses in the hospital told me I needed to supplement I refused and told them I wanted to talk to the babies doctor. I stood my ground and won that day for my newborn. But I had to place the milk in a bottle to plump him up. To make a long story short after struggling with latch issues we are finally nursing like we should have at the beginning. Nurse as long as you can. It is the best for the little one. Oh by the way I am your newest follower via google +.

  3. Nursing can definitely have its moments, but it is pretty amazing! Those little teeth are crazy sharp. My first will be 3 in a month and the second is almost 8 months old. Things were easier the second time around I think in part to having been nursing sister. That really helped with engorgement issues. 🙂

  4. I had a demanding toddler who LOVED nursing as well (true story – third child) LOL, he would have been happy to do it all day long too, and it was truly tiresome. Not because I didn’t love nursing, but because it was physically and emotionally draining. I enjoyed the honesty of this post. XO

  5. i breastfed for 18 months and I hated every single minute of it, i really did but my hubby was a student and we could not afford for me to not breast feed her…. if it ever happened again, I would not

  6. I hated it when they bite. I don’t think I nursed more than a year with my kids, and that was LONG in my circle of friends. But, my kids weren’t too attached. They wanted to get up and go. Kind of made me sad though when they were weaned. Sigh. My youngest (and probably my last) is 3, and I think my breastfeeding days are done. 🙁

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