Mama Cloth, Part 2 – Guest Post

This is Part 2 of the Guest Posts submitted by Jen from Wandering Missionaries! You can find the first post HERE. In this part, she explains how to make a simple mama cloth pad out of a simple handkerchief! 

1. Start with a clean dry regular sized (pretty!) handkerchief, arrange it in so one corner is facing you.  Work on a flat surface the first few times.  I fold mine on my dryer.



2.  Now we are going to form the length of the pad.  I like mine on the longer side.  Fold the bottom half up about 1″ from the top.



3.  Fold the top down so that the top point meets the bottom edge.



4.  Fold the right to almost meet up with the left, leaving about 1″ space.


5.  Turn the pad so the points are facing toward you.
6.  Now we are working on the width.  I like mine about the size of my panties crotch, about 1 small hand width.  Fold once.
7. Fold again.
8. You should now be able to see the width and length of the pad you have created, but with a little tail sticking out.
9.  Fold the tail under.
10. Enjoy your $1 cloth pad!

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