Thinking Ahead

Sorry I have continued to be MIA, we are all still recovering from this nasty croup that hit our kids last week. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend. It’s taking boogie a bit longer to completely heal and be 100% but we are getting there!

We are set to close on our house on the 31st and we are hoping to move possibly the 3rd weekend in February… Once we are settled I would like to do a big giveaway on the blog to celebrate our new house and my 26th birthday. I would love to hear YOUR thoughts on what you’d like a chance to win!

Here are a few of my ideas:

Ergobaby Carrier
Cloth Diaper (or possibly a starter set?)
Amber teething necklace
Diva Cup
Gift Cards
Baby bath products (organic of course!)

Any other ideas? I might do a few different packages to giveaway, or choose a few separate things to giveaway. Comment with your ideas! I would love to hear!

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