Exhaustion is An Understatement

Sleep has become a fairy tale in our house. Sweet Boogie sleeps as deeply and as beautifully as Princess Aurora, and Bubby…. Screams. And screams. And screams. Bedtime routine is a breeze most of the time, we bathe every 3rd day, brush teeth and hair, put on jammies, read books and devotional, hugs and kisses, and then Bubby gets his mommy milk time. For the most part, both kids go to sleep fairly well and Bubby sleeps until midnight or 1am. Or if my eyes close and I start drifting off to dreamland, Bubby’s “mommy is asleep!” censor goes off and all hell breaks loose…. You may think I’m kidding, but I’m really not.

Last night was one of the worst nights we’ve had in a long time. As usual little man went down fine and slept for a few hours…. Then things went south. The first time he woke up he started with the screaming and hitting and thrashing, then when I finally got him calmed down he went to sleep fine! He second time, which was just a short hour later, it took J and myself 2 hours to get him back down. That involved more screaming, more thrashing, more hitting, more tantrums… Yay. He finally went back down and then woke up again an hour later.

This time it took us 2 1/2 hours to get him down. Tempers flared, tears were shed, begging and consoling occurred. It was awful. Headaches, dizziness, nausea… Pure exhaustion. This child needs to sleep. This is NOT normal! Waking every 2-3 hours with a newborn is easier than this. I’m at a loss, we’ve tried everything. Music, white noise, co-sleeping, shared room with Boog, different bedtime routines, warmer/cooler jammies, changing nap time, wearing him out during the day (that just means he goes down even easier at bedtime), etc.

Have you ever been through this? I haven’t even really described how he acts during these wake up times, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t embarrassed by his behavior during those times. And I’m ashamed to say that I have considered weaning him because of how he treats me when I deny him milk (in my defense, if I nurse him one time at night he thinks he can stay latched to me all night, so when I unlatch him he becomes violent and inconsolable). I don’t know what to do. Any advice? Tips?

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  1. I wish I had advice for you but I’m afraid I will be no help at all. I do feel for you! I have heard that it can be normal for kids to have sleep issues for a certain period of time. He might be going through a little separation anxiety at night or something? or maybe teething? Good luck with your little one and sleeping! Right now I am dealing with daily tantrums while we are out doing activities. Being a mom is truly exhausting!

  2. lol – Your title says it ALL. Yes I have been through this and get tiny moments of deja-vu with little nieces and nephews from time to time to remind me of the pros of having a tween and a teen. Pick yourself up a copy of Simple Abundance or Happiness at Home, let go of trying to keep up with the cleaning and grab sleep and help where you can. I miss those days. Women told me this when I was at the stage you are at, and of course, I did not listen. Sigh. The circle of life. Remember, this too shall pass (too quickly). Life is too short to worry about being judged. Judgement is about the perception of the person judging, not about you. Hold your head high, mama.

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