Royal Fluff Cloth Diapers Review & Giveaway

We dove into the world of cloth diapering before Boogie was even born, we bought SO. MANY. DIAPERS. Really. A LOT. Maybe not totally necessarily, but the fluffy cuteness was so intoxicating! We bought pockets, prefolds, covers, AIO’s, AI2’s, you name it. We ended up using almost all pockets with Boog, and then moved onto a smaller stash of prefolds, bamboo inserts and covers with Bubby. So, the prints just aren’t as exciting or as fun, but they take up less space!


I was incredibly excited when I received an email from Renea, the social media marketer for Royal Fluff Cloth Diapers. These diapers are adorable. The style is similar to that of Go Green Pocket Diapers, but they seem to have different prints and the Go Greens have various other snapping features. I like the basic style of these Royal Fluffs though, and the inner material is OH. SO. SOFT!


A few of their prints include rocket ships, London tour buses, princess tiaras, race cars, etc. I also love that many of their solid colored diapers have black snaps instead of white, I think that feature is much more eye catching than the usual white or color matching snaps.


I prepped my test diaper in a full load of my regular diapers, they needed a good stripping so this was a perfect time to receive our diaper. We use a combination of Charlie’s Soap and Original Tide (HE version). Many momma’s will scoff at Tide, but so far in the few detergents we’ve tried after moving into our new house, this is the only combo that works with our HARD well water. The diaper came out just as soft and fluffy as it did new, and I must say my little man looked very handsome in his stars!


I should have put him in it without snapping it down to the next to largest size. He probably would have had a better fit without a snap down. That’s another feature I love about this style of diaper, it has 4 sizes, the smallest will fit an average – larger newborn baby. Bubby liked pointing at the stars on his diaper, and I was surprised to get as many pictures as I did!


Royal Fluff Pocket Diapers should fit a baby ranging from 9-35lbs, they also have a newborn diaper that should fit a baby approximately 5-10lbs. Every diaper comes with one insert, but I would suggest buying extra, as does Royal Fluff, you’ll want the extra absorbency for long night stretches and heavy wetters.


The exterior of these diapers are 100% polyester knit and a flexible, water-proof polurethane laminate on the inside (otherwise known as PUL). The inner of the diapers is an incredibly soft fleece, it was so gentle against Bubby’s skin (he has VERY sensitive skin) and he seemed to be very comfortable in it.


If you have anymore questions about this diaper brand you can contact Royal Fluff Diapers on their website here, or on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Royal Fluff has generously offered to give away a free diaper to one of my readers! Just fill in the tasks in the widget below for your chance to win!

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  1. You know I’m always up for trying out a new brand!!

  2. That’s the cutest diaper!! I hadn’t heard of Royal Fluff until I saw your review. I’ll have to look at their prints

  3. I love the green matrix!

  4. Love princess crowns!

  5. The love diaper is so cute!

  6. Candy Stephenson-Otoya

    March 18, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    I would love to try!

  7. Alexandra Pitcher

    March 18, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    Now Feed the Baby is super cute!!

  8. Love the stars!

  9. I like the “now feed the baby” one with the buses. Cute!

  10. My favorite is the “love” and the “rocket ship” prints! It’s so hard to find good prints these days…

  11. I liked the now feed the baby diaper

  12. I love the pink swirlies!

  13. Princess crowns!

  14. I love solids, but rocket ship is so cute!

  15. very cute diaper! Amazing how far cloth diapers have come

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