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I am SO excited about this review AND giveaway! Carolyn from Twigtale contacted me in early February about doing a review and after checking out their site I couldn’t say no! Twigtale is a small company that creates personalized children’s books, they have so many great choices, and most focus on early transitions that your children may be facing. Some of these include moving, new siblings, starting school, potty training, etc.


These books were scripted by child development experts who used an appropriate language and the right tools to help guide your child through whatever new transition they are facing. The visuals using photographs of familiar people and places help your child understand and accept those changes!

Since we had already moved by the time Carolyn had contacted me, I decided to go with the Who Loves ____? book. Obviously, for these photos I have smeared out Bubby and Boogie’s real names for privacy purposes.


What you do, is once you have chosen the topic you’d like your book to be about, you choose photos, layouts, and the specific wording for your specialized book. In Bubby’s book, each page has a different picture of a family member with him and says, “So and so loves Bubby” and so on and so forth. He LOVED it. He pointed out every person, he gave them kisses and said ” ‘gain! ‘gain!”. Boogie even enjoyed it and loved helping Bubby identify each family member in the book.

The process is super simple, it took me about an hour to get everything exactly the way I wanted. It was pretty straightforward and if you have trouble you can always contact Twigtale for help!


It’s such a colorful, fun book to have, and what a wonderful way to help ease your child into different life changing events! Once we have another baby, I think this will be the gift we give our children to help them with that particular transition. Each book costs $20, they are completely customizable to fit your needs!


Now for the giveaway! In order to enter you must complete the first task to open up the remaining tasks. The more tasks you complete the better chance you have to win your copy of one of Twigtale’s Books! Good luck!

If you want to purchase one of these books NOW, I have a coupon code for 10% off! Use the code TWIG10 when checking out, it’s good towards your book purchase and shipping, but not towards gift certificates. This code expires on June 30, 2014!

Please note that the winner of this prize must pay shipping – you will place your order for your book after preparing it and be charged shipping!

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  1. These books look really cute! I looked at all the titles on the Twigtale website and the Nose and Toes book looks adorable.

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