30 Things – Favorite Quality in My Spouse

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Tonight I’m going to tackle question #28 – What’s your favorite quality in your spouse?

(Again, you can find the original 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me post HERE!)

I’m getting around to posting this a day late, so I’ll continue posting tomorrow instead of doing two today!

Anyways, my favorite quality in J? There are two qualities that really stand out to me and make me love him more everyday… actually there are several, because really… I have an AMAZING husband. The first of those two (because I just can’t pick one) is his determination to provide for his family.  He goes above and beyond so that I can stay home with our children, he goes above and beyond so that we could buy our dream home… he just DOES. I think that’s amazing! His other quality that makes me  completely head over heels for him is the kind of daddy he is to our children, he adores our children… he gets down in the floor with them and just plays and giggles and wrestles with them no matter how tired he is or if he’s a bad day. They are his life, and I LOVE him for that. Yep… I’m kind of infatuated with this man 😉


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