We Downsized… AGAIN.

You may remember a previous post about how I went on a rampage through my children’s rooms and got rid of a TON of stuff. Well, that went really well actually. At the time Boogie and Bubby had separate rooms and they each had a few things each to play with. Well… J and I made the decision to put them in the same room (the bigger of the two) and create a nursery for Baby Bird in the smaller room. That got the changing table and her drawers and such out of our room, and then just the co-sleeper will be in our room until she’s old enough to sleep in the crib.

(My apologies for the grainy pictures ahead… I had my phone on hand and just used that!)

The problem was… combining all of their toys was becoming an issue. So, I didn’t throw out stuff, instead, this time we are rotating. Boogie has an Ikea kitchen with assorted foods and such, a dollhouse, a dress-up bin, and her babies. She will be rotating the kitchen, dollhouse and dress-up bin every Saturday night.

photo 3


As for Bubby, we decided to put away his train table, tracks, and small trains for the time being. Boogie was the main one to play with those, so we left out the few small trains he enjoys and his larger, chunkier trains. When he is older, and the girls start sharing a room and he gets a room to himself we’ll bring those things back out. He also has his balls, hats, stacking train and rings, and a big fire truck and plane.

photo 2

In the living room we were going to bring down the two shelves of books (one has board books, the other has regular books), instead we are going to keep a basket of board books, a basket of regular books, and a basket of their little books out and rotate those with the ones upstairs every Saturday night. We also have three different kinds of blocks: wooden blocks, mega blocks and bristle blocks. So we will rotate those every week as well.

photo 1


So far… today things are going slightly better, now if we could just get Bubby to understand that hitting, biting and smacking are NOT OK!

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