10 Things I Want My Husband to Know

I think we’ve all seen the numerous blogs where us mommy bloggers write posts to their daughters or sons about what we want them to know. That got me thinking… why not a post for my husband? There are so many things I was my husband to know and to remember, but there are 10 things that I think are most important. mas-90

1. First and foremost, I love you. Forever and ever babe!

2. I am proud of you. Proud of the man you have become, the man you strive to be and the man you used to be. I’m proud to stand beside you, to hold your hand and to be the woman you call wife. I am PROUD of YOU.

3. You are the BEST father my children could ever hope for. Seriously, the BEST! There is no other man that could measure up to the father you are, and no other man who could love these children the way you do. Boogie, Bubby and Bird are incredibly blessed.

4. THANK YOU, thank you for your neverending effort to care for this family, to provide for us and to ensure we have everything that we need. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to stay home and raise our children, for being understanding on days when you come home and the house is an absolute disaster and for loving us unconditionally.

5. You are the husband of my dreams… yes, it’s true! You are then man God created just for me, isn’t that amazing to think about? That He loves us so much that He took the time to create you and to create me in a way that we would be absolutely meant for each other? I think that’s pretty incredible!

6. The laughter you bring to my life is one of my favorite things I about you, whether it’s a stupid joke or one of your goofy faces… you light up my world!

7. Your love for Christ, even during your hardest trials is inspiring. I love you, but He loves you more… and what’s even more amazing is that you put Christ first and THEN me. THAT is true love.

8. You are courageous and strong… you fought your way to the top and you made it! Sure, you may be headed on a different path now, but you proved that you could do it!

9. You are the most handsome man I have ever met, whether you have a full head of dark hair or a shiny bald head (hehe)… you are still the man of my dreams. Thank you for being that man, and thank you for making me feel like the  most beautiful woman in the world.

10. And because I think I should tell you again… I LOVE YOU, forever and ever babe.

What would you want to tell YOUR husband?

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7 thoughts on “10 Things I Want My Husband to Know

  1. Very sweet post… our poor hubby’s.. they always are getting neglected, aren’t they? This is a beautiful post to remind him how much you love him!

  2. Such a nice post! My poor husband is always left in the dust-so many distractions with the kiddos. This is a great reminder to stop and show him how much I appreciate him, (and its our 10yr anniversary today. LOL!)

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