10 Rules for Dads With Daughters

I’ve been trying to think of some good posts for the month of September, racking my brain and taking notes… we’ve had so much going on, in every kind of way that nothing seemed right. Then I was reminded (not because I had forgotten, but because it just wasn’t at my top list of priorities) that on the 15th J and I would be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. Seven years with this incredible man, a man I dreamt of having babies with and growing old with! When we started talking about having babies he always said, “I just want to have a daddy’s girl!” His prayers were answered when our first baby came along, and then he was ecstatic to have new experiences with our second, a boy… and now again, he gets TWO daddy’s girls!

J has been an incredible father, he’s not afraid to do anything with them and those shrieks of glee when they see their daddy pull in the driveway at the end of the day… nothing makes my heart happier. So here we are, I’ve got a blank page ahead of me and I’m going to just spill my thoughts on Daddy’s and Daughters. In a few months I’ll be able to add pictures of J and Bird, but for now, here are 10 rules for Dads with Daughters!

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1. Never stop telling her how much you love her. Tell her when she wakes you up before the sun rises, tell her when she’s pitching one of those world-renowned tantrums (because oh dear… Daddy said no!), tell her when you tuck her in at night (even the 5th or 6th time in the same night). Tell her when she falls down and when she performs her very best ballerina dance. Tell her when she experiences her very first heartbreak, tell her when she starts her very first job, and tell her when she graduates from school. Never, ever stop telling her!


2. Never stop dancing. Anytime your sweet girl asks you to dance, get to it! Twirl her like a ballerina, make her feel like a princess and always ALWAYS always be her dance partner. Hold her tight, sing in her ear, make a fool of yourself! These will be some of her very best memories of you.


3. You’re already telling her how much YOU love her, so don’t forget to tell her how much Jesus loves her. Teach her about his incredible, unfailing love. Share his miracles and his ultimate sacrifice. Raise her to know Him and to love Him as much as you do! Nothing will strengthen your relationship more than sharing Christ’s love with her. And don’t forget that He loves you too!


4. Love her mother, show your daughter through your actions what it means to love your wife. Show understanding, show patience, show adoration… hold and your kiss your wife in front of your daughter, make peanut butter sandwich hugs with your daughter (she’s the peanut butter!). Teach her that a Godly man treats his wife with love, care and respect. Someday she’ll look for a man like YOU to spend her life with.


5. Show an interest in the things that she loves, even if truly you’re not all that interested. If she likes to play with dolls, learn to dress them. If she likes to bake, learn to bake. If she likes ballet, dance with her. Whatever she likes to do, show interest and experience it with her. You have NO idea how much it means to her!


6. Don’t compare her or treat her differently than your sons, or boys in general, she is her own person… and she can do whatever a boy can! If she wants to play sports, encourage her, if she wants to be an engineer, a policeman, a firefighter, any job that you typically see men in… build up her confidence and support her! She can do it!


7. Pray for her. Pray for her daily, pray for her present, pray for her future… even pray for her future husband! Lift her up in prayer every opportunity that you get, there is no greater gift than that of prayer.


8. Tell her no. I know… how dare I tell you that you should say “no!” to your precious girl. Trust me, learning when to say no is good for both of you. She’ll thank you for it someday.


9. Go easy on the material gifts… sure, one here and there is great… but what really matters is time. Spend time with her, good quality time. Take her on daddy/daughter dates, teach her some of YOUR favorite hobbies, bond with her, play with her. Make MEMORIES!

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10. Don’t blink. Just don’t. Before you know it, that little girl who danced and twirled standing on your feet, who leapt into your arms for Daddy bear hugs, and who always ran to you to dry her tears… she’ll be a young lady, and then someday a woman. Someday you’ll be walking her down the aisle and giving her away. So treasure her and every moment of her childhood. Don’t blink.


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15 thoughts on “10 Rules for Dads With Daughters

  1. This is beautiful! We had 2 boys and finally now our baby girl. I wanted my husband to have a baby girl so much and their bond already is amazing. I am a daddy’s girl so I know how special he will be to her and I have to admit I am a little jealous!

  2. These are great rules! As much as I love my dad, he and my mom were divorced by the time I was in kindergarten, so he wasn’t around as often as I’d liked. I wish he would have done even half of these things, I know we would have such a much stronger relationship right now.

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