The River Book Review



If you’re interested in Amish Christian Fiction than this is the book for you! Unlike many of Beverly Lewis’s books, this is one of her few standalone novels. I was excited to receive a copy (loner on my Nook AND a hard copy) to read and review, just like Karen Kingsbury, Lewis is one of my FAVORITE authors.

This particular novel is about two formerly Amish sisters, Tilly and Ruth, who travel back to their Amish families to visit for their parents’ wedding anniversary. They are plagued by past, unresolved relationship issues and whether or not they should be where they are. Particularly for Ruth, who is single and hanging onto a relationship she left behind in the Amish world.

You can read an excerpt of this novel HERE, purchase a copy HERE and learn more about Beverly Lewis and all of her amazing novels HERE.


I received two copies of this novel, in a borrowed form on my Nook, as well as a hard copy to keep for free. All opinions and statements are mine and mine alone!

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