Exactly two years ago today I had just finished at my 40 week (+1 day) appointment with my midwife and my contractions started picking up. I didn’t know at the time, but this little boy of mine was going to come into this world like a whirlwind and NEVER EVER slow down!

67 40 weeks

We made it to the hospital around 2-2:30pm, the staff took FOREVER in triage to check my dilation and admit me… I think they were a little shocked when they discovered I was 7cm! Apparently I didn’t “act” like I was in transition… yet.


We got to our room around 3:30 and Bubby was born at 4:07pm, 7 pounds 10 ounces, 19.3 inches long.


This little boy has brought so much joy to our lives… and let me tell you… boys are definitely an adventure!


I have and am still learning patience… because this child has tested it more than his big sister EVER has.


I have discovered that even at the tender age of 2 that boys find potty talk astronomically hilarious.


I’m also realizing that even as close as these two are (they are almost exactly 23 months apart) that they bicker like cats and dogs… who knew a 2 year old could drive his almost 4 year old sister so crazy?


Bumps, bruises, scratches, boo-boo’s, and blood don’t surprise or shock me anymore… and I’m learning to panic a little less.


I’ve learned that those baby blues (which have slowly turned to hazel) melt me… more than they should probably!


The bigger he gets (and the bigger Boogie gets) I find myself cherishing those “I luh you mommy” moments.


I’m cherishing his chubby fingers reaching out to hold my hand, his little chunky feet pitter pattering into my bedroom early in the morning, and his sweet little voice saying, “Daddy… mommy… I want ceweal!”


I catch myself savoring the sweet smell of his skin, no longer baby but still precious… I catch myself nuzzling him when he sleeps, those rare moments when he falls asleep resting against me.


This messy, dirty, silly boy keeps me on my toes, there is never time for rest or relaxation when it comes to him…


He is wild, destructive and ornery.


He is tender hearted and full of the most amazing smiles.


He is all boy… sports, superheroes, big trucks… this kid loves them all.


Days of nursing him are long gone, hours of naps in my arms are long gone, gummy smiles are long gone…


My baby boy is becoming a big boy before my eyes… and he reminds me often… “Mommy! I am a BIG boy!”


I can’t wait to see what the Lord does in this little man’s life, to see what He uses his life for… I have a feeling that whatever it is, it will be a grand adventure.


Bubby, mommy loves you to the moon and back… and back again. As CRAZY as you drive me sometimes, I thank God EVERY. SINGLE. DAY that he allowed me to be your mommy. Every day I am blessed because I’m allowed to witness your silly laughter, smiles, and joy. Daddy, Boogie and I wouldn’t be the same without you, and I’m sure Baby Bird is going to adore having you as her big bubby. “I luh you” sweet boy, happy birthday!

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