NKJV Adventure Bible Review




It’s probably obvious by now that we are planning to home school our children. We’ve actually kind of started that journey this past year through tot school. Since then I have been on the hunt for a bible to incorporate into our day that is age appropriate for my children. Being almost 4 and 2 they are far too young to have a real true bible of their own (though Boogie does love to page through my personal bible and is very gentle, but she isn’t good about taking CARE of her books… so they stay in mommy and daddy’s room on a shelf and she has to ask permission to pick one out to read). I wanted something that I could turn to when they ask me questions about God and our faith, for our daily devotions, to be an aid for anytime we need to go to His Word. I was starting to get discouraged until I found this kid’s bible. The NKJV Adventure Bible.

Right off the bat I loved how colorful and engaging it was, you can immediately tell that it’s a bible meant for children and that the vivid colors and images will draw them in. Not only that, but this bible includes lots of extras including articles and illustrations that describe what life was like in biblical days, memory verses, miscellaneous facts that help your children understand the Word and how to live a life of faith, articles on specific people from the bible, hands on activities, and more!

Another aspect I really love is that you can take advantage of their website, Adventure Bible, that has LOADS more resources and fun you can use in your classroom, home school or any other time you’d like to use it! There are games, activities,¬†etc. There are even more products that go along with this bible as well, you can see those HERE. I have the New King James Version (aka NKJV) but you can also purchase the NIrV and a storybook version as well.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product for review, however, all opinions and statements are my own.

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