Boogie is 4…. and 1 Month

That’s right… I’m over a month late on Boogie’s birthday update. Mom FAIL. My only excuse is that having three awesome kids keeps me super duper busy! You’ll forgive me right, Boog?

Anyways, so, yes! My sweet Boogie turned FOUR on December 28th! I can’t believe it! She’s getting SO SO big. So this will be an update from her 4 years of life and a little update from these past few weeks. I’ll start with telling you a little about how my sweet girl has been doing, and then… yep. You knew it. PHOTOBOMB! MSM loves photos, so you know there are going to be a TON on this post.

This past year I have seen so much change in my oldest princess. Not only has she grown physically, but the change I’ve seen in her heart has been amazing. She’s getting to know Jesus and she’s EXCITED about it. That makes this mommy’s heart SOAR. Lots of caps in this post, but I’m just so thrilled to be this beautiful little girl’s mommy. She is so incredibly smart, she’s learned so much this past year and is just beyond anxious to start learning more and more. She has become an amazing big sister, she’s absolutely above the moon about having a baby sister, she loves to pick out her outfits and cuddle with her. Boogie actually annoys the pee outta me wanting to hold her ALL the time, but she’s figuring things out! She and Bubby are best of friends and they get in some pretty insane bickering matches, but I think that comes with the territory of having a little brother (I would know… Dyl and I had some doozies growing up… and maybe still do…). Enough talk, let’s move on to some pictures!























My baby girl is FOUR. And as you can see from that last picture… she’s now a tiny beautiful ballerina. I cannot wait to see her blossom and bloom over the next several years. Boogie, I love you to the moon and back, and back again. You are my sunshine on the cloudiest of days and the precious baby that God chose to make me a mother. I am SO grateful for you and your loving little heart. Happy (late) birthday my love, I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

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