Car Seat Back Protector/Cover Review




If you have kids then you know the moment you turn those car seats around (and I’m over here hoping you wonderful mommy’s wait until AT LEAST 2 years old) that those dirty little shoes are going to be kicking alllllllllll over the backs of your seats. This car seat cover/protector was made specifically for this purpose, to keep those dirty little feet from making such a mess of the backs of your seats.

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J just recently bought this car (not that you can tell, it’s already FILTHY) for his new commute to work, it’s a 2008 Nissan Altima. The upholstery is black, so basically you see every single piece of dirt. We can’t fit all 3 kids in this backseat, at least not yet, and we just recently had to move Bubby forward facing (I was so not ready for that, but that little boy will NOT leave his chest buckle alone!)… and he LOVES kicking the seat. I had hoped that this product would help, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit J’s car seats well. It buckled fine up top, but it will not buckle on the bottom. We are hoping to get a new van for me in the near future, so I may try it in that to keep those seats clean, but for now… it’s just not working for us. Also, Bubby can kick the headrest of the seat, and this cover does not protect that part of the car seat.

You can learn more and purchase one of these from THIS site, they are super affordable at $9.99 each! The measurements are listed if you want to ensure that they will fit your particular seats. You can also find these on Amazon (and who doesn’t like Amazon?!) with FREE shipping!

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