I thought these stickers were SO cool! We’ve all seen the monthly stickers you can use for your new baby’s photos, right?! Well… these are for your baby’s first holidays! I wish I had been able to get these when Bird was first born so I could have done her first Christmas and New Year’s, but unfortunately I did not. I also missed Groundhog Day but I honestly forgot that holiday until February 3rd, ha!



You get all the major holidays including New Year’s, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as some minor holidays including Groundhog Day, Valentine’s, Father’s and Mother’s Day, etc. You can see all the images below.

PicMonkey Collage


For Bird’s 2 month birthday I took some Valentine’s Day photos as well, I used the Valentine’s Day sticker stuck directly onto her onsie as well as on the blanket beside her. It was super simple and I was able to place the sticker back on the original sheet so that I can use it again for Mustard Seed Baby #4 someday! My only concern is that when Bird gets older I can totally see her ripping the sticker off and possibly apart!



How cute is she? She doesn’t mind having her photo taken, unlike her older siblings… though I imagine that will change when she realizes how many pictures mommy likes to take!


These are high quality stickers, the colors are stellar and the stickers are the perfect size for photos like these. They have TONS of different monthly stickers to choose from as well, including pregnancy stickers! Beyond that, icustomlabel┬áhas everything from cupcake toppers to gift tags and candles! So, if you’re looking for baby/pregnancy stickers, or some products for an upcoming celebration, I highly recommend icustomlabel!

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