Luma Comfort HC12B Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Do you know what really stinks about having multiple children? Illnesses spread like wildfire. It’s INSANE. If you’re a momma and you have two or more children, you know that dreaded feeling you get when the first of your children gets sick. You know what’s coming, it’s inevitable! Well, that’s what has been happening to us these past few weeks. First, Bubby started getting the sniffles. I told myself, “Oh, it’s just a little runny nose, we should be fine!” We even went to the beach after we thought he was on the mend. We. Were. WRONG.

Bird was next, and nothing is worse than a tiny baby being sick. Thankfully it’s just been a nasty, yucky cold, but she’s been miserable. Then J and I got this mess… and finally Boogie caught it, but she only had the sniffles, nothing more! So, with all of that said, I was very thankful to pull up to our back door after our mini beach trip to find this magnificent “I can breath now!” humidifier on my steps. Why do I call it that? Because the morning after using it for the first time that’s what Bubby said. This thing is a miracle worker. Long live the cool mist humidifier!



This humidifier is rather large, it’s mean to be placed on the floor unlike your run-of-the-mill humidifiers that are smaller and must be placed on a nightstand or end table. This particular model, the Luma Comfort HC12B – Ultrasonic Mist Humidifier comes in black and is designed to fit right into your decor. It’s sleek and slim, you can tuck it into a corner of your room and it will blend right in! You can find this model HERE or other Luma Comfort products by going directly to their website, . There’s also a similar model that comes in white!



As you can see, this humidifier is quite tall with it’s longest neck extension (please excuse my goofy husband, this was the best photo in the batch without him making even goofier faces!). There are three different size extensions you can use.



We chose the longest extension, as you can see in the picture with J. These are two of the smaller extensions. The one on the left goes directly onto the body of the humidifier. The one on the right attaches to the larger of the extensions that creates the tall one we used. (You can see this demonstrated in the video at the end of this post). We chose the longest extension because we wanted to utilize this Luma Comfort HC12B Humidifier for Bubby, but we also had to be able to place it outside of his gated room at night so that he wouldn’t mess with it when he woke up. The long extension allowed us to place the humidifier directly outside his room and still position it so that the cool mist would blow into his room. The tapered top of the extensions helped in that aspect as well.


As you can see in this image, we tried the shortest neck first, we thought it might allow more cool mist into his room, but really it just became blocked by the gate.


You can see in the above photo how the cool mist is now directed into Bubby’s room, it made for a peaceful rest for him and us! It’s hard to tell, but if you look closely you can see a small light below the lettering on the humidifier. This comes on once the humidifier is plugged in and powered on. You are provided with a remote to control the power and settings of the cool mist.


It’s very easy to use and put together, J and I created a video demonstrating how to put it together and to show you what the different neck extensions look like. We did not include commentary, it really is self explanatory… and you’ll once again have to forgive my goofy husband. He was trying to be “Vanna White”, he just LOVES being my guinea pig for my blog endeavors, ha! Notice when he turns it on how the humidifier sings to you!

According to Luma Comfort’s website, this humidifer can operate up to 45 hours on one tank, but we found that after about 6 hours it starts dinging at us. Not sure why, but it seems once the tank (the upper half of the body) empties into the bottom half it doesn’t want to create a mist any longer. It’s not a big deal for us, we just refill the tank, but I can imagine that getting old if you use it continually. One other complaint for me is actually the size, I thought that having a humidifier that could blend in as decor would work well for us, but it’s still a little bulky and I’m afraid if I left it out Bubby would pull it over on top of himself. When it’s full of water it’s pretty heavy! And knowing my naughty little boy (and that is said out of the utmost love), he would pull that thing apart in minutes.

With that said, I would still recommend this cool mist humidifier. We’ve used quite a few different humidifiers, both warm and cool mist types, and this has been the best one yet. While the size is large, it DID help with getting some moisture into Bubby’s room while he was ill without having to actually put the humidifier in his room or placing a table to set it on outside his room. That was a major plus. It also produces much more mist than any other humidifier we have used, at one time.

To find out more, or to purchase your very own Luma Comfort HC12B Cool Mist Humidifier, please check out or their Facebook page!

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