BabyVue Video Monitor Review

Now that Spring has sprung forward (hello time change!) J and I have been spending much more time outside in the evenings. Most days we even let the kids stay up later and enjoy the warmer weather, but on nights like tonight… and they’ve been pretty grumpy, we put them to bed and just the two of us (and an attached Baby Bird) spend our time outside.

When that happens, this momma HAS to have a way to check on my babies. Yes, I am a helicopter parent. #sorrynotsorry


A video monitor is PERFECT for this, I can set it on the buffet (aka our entertainment center) facing BOTH of the kids’ bedrooms, and voila… safe babies, sane mommy! We had a video monitor before, but that contraption wasn’t worth a darn. It was staticky, the picture wasn’t clear, and it just wasn’t doing a good job of keeping this crazy momma stress free. BabyVue has saved the day, this monitor works perfectly for what we need it for and it’s actually affordable compared to some of the monitors in the market, you can get this on Amazon for $69.87 and it is eligible for Prime shipping!


First, let me apologize for the grainy photos… my DSLR camera battery died and I don’t have a backup. Sorry! Anyways, this is the “baby” unit. The center circle is the camera, and circles surrounding it light up when it’s on, they are infrared lens and light sensors. From the “parent” unit you can talk to your baby and turn on music through this unit! I love that! I’m still trying to figure out how to turn the volume up on the “baby” unit side… Bubby couldn’t hear me when he started calling for us. We were outside and I was trying to tell him we would be in in just a moment. J said when he went inside he could hear me, but it was so soft it was barely audible.


This is the “parent” unit. It has a kickstand in the back so you can set it on a table, or you could even attach a carabiner and attach it to your jeans or hang it up! The screen has night vision, shows the time and temperature of the room your “baby” unit is in. I charged this almost 2 weeks ago and have used it several times since then, and the battery still has 3 bars! That NEVER happened with our old monitor, so that was a huge plus for us.


I didn’t take pictures of all the screens, but this is the main one. Obviously you click the camera to go to the video monitor screen. The image with the clock is the alarm (we haven’t tried that one… no need for it really), the image with the tools is the settings (here you can set the language, time, date, temperature unit and more. The last one with the “i” just gives you system information of your monitor.

This is a short little video I took of one of the lullabies this monitor has, there are 8 total. I don’t think you can choose which one comes on, they seem to just go through them on it’s own when you turn it on. That’s a feature I would change… some of the lullabies were too upbeat and LOUD… still trying to figure the whole volume thing out!
Some other features we really like is that you can use this up to 800 feet away from the “baby” unit and the battery can last for up to 20 hours total. AND win you order from Amazon you get a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for a risk free buying experience.
In short, we were very impressed with this video monitor, it actually surpassed our expectations, especially considering the price. If you’re looking for a good quality video monitor at an affordable price, this is the way to go!


I received this product for free in return for a review, all opinions and statements are mine and mine alone.

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