Guest Post: Caboose Stroller Reviews

This guest post was submitted by Stella from Double Stroller HQ, I thought this was a great review for my readers… because HELLO… multiple small children here. We have a Graco Duoglider double stroller, but I’m digging some of the benefits of this Caboose stroller! Enjoy!


When we look at conventional double or multiple strollers, they are usually designed to meet the needs of carrying infants who are around the same age. However, most parents would be aware that having more than 1 child of the same age is almost unlikely, unless of course we are fathers or mothers of twins. However, in this article we will try and find out what parents would do if they have two child one around 2 years old and other around 3 to 5 years old. It is here that going in for a special stroller could be very helpful. Going through a few good caboose stroller reviewswould be helpful to sort out problems related to children of different ages and different sizes. One option would be make the elder child walk while the younger one could be pushed around in the strollers. However, the elder child is well and truly immature and suddenly he or she might refuse to walk.

In such situations it would better to have a look at the famous Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller. This stroller has been built specifically for such situations and purposes. The stroller comes with a standing platform. This is built in the rear part of the stroller. This is essentially o cater to the needs of standing toddlers. The standing platform comes with a padded seat which helps the toddler the sit which the parents push it around. The front seat is good enough to accommodate two infants in sitting position, either lightly inclined or upright. However, full reclining is not possible because of space constraints and therefore it may not be suitable for very young infants.


Further the handlebars of these strollers are quite high. Hence they will not disturb the standing toddler in any manner. However, it does not come with height adjustable handles and may again be unsuitable for mothers who are not very tall. But the quality of stroller material is very good. It is made from light-weight aluminum and is very sturdy, durable and extremely safe. Though the weight may slightly be on the higher side, it is worth it because of the weight it lugs around. Further the stroller can easily be folded within a few minutes and can be stowed in cars.

Lastly the stroller has all the required fixtures and fittings including storage compartments, wheel lock,, 360 degrees wheel turn, 3 point harness, foot rest, racheting canopy just to name a few. All in all a good buy that offers excellent value for money

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