As Baby Bird approaches her 4 month birthday we’ve noticed that she has started to drool and gnaw on anything and EVERYTHING she can get her hands on. That also means that when I wear her in my wovens… she thinks it’s cool to gnaw on the fabric of those as well. Mmm… mmm… no ma’am Baby Bird! Ha, really though, I’d rather she didn’t, but it is what it is!

We were discussing some alternatives to her gnawing on my wrap and I came across these teething necklaces. Now, I have several nursing necklaces meant to be held and played with, but NOT meant to be chewed on. But these… they are MEANT to be chewed on!

I actually have two separate sets to share with you today (and I’ll even be posting another kind of teething necklace and an amber necklace as well this evening!). I just love these, they are super adorable, comfy, and very stylish. The first set is a large pearl-esque set. I chose the turquoise color for this particular set.


Of all the teething/nursing jewelry I own.. this is my favorite. I love the colors and I love that I can wear it with a dressy outfit or in a casual outfit. Bracelets aren’t really my thing, but I actually really liked the one that came with this, and it made for an easy way to entertain Baby Bird in the car (with my supervision of course).


I wore this set on a trip to the library, right after I snapped this shot she started gnawing on it and passed out! I’d say it’s Bird Approved!

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This set comes in 5 different colors including black (not pictured), pearl, gray, red and turquoise. I had a hard time choosing between the turquoise and gray, but since I’m prone to choosing blacks and grays I decided to go with the bolder choice. I’m so glad that I did!

The other set I received is a different style, more of a flat oval shaped bead and a more basic bracelet. For this set I chose the blue color.



I felt that this style felt a little chunkier and heavy than the first one, but I still liked that it too could be worn casually or with a dressier outfit. This set seemed to be Baby Bird’s favorite. I think the shape was easier for her to gnaw on!


I slipped this on while doing chores, she was getting a little fussy and this immediately helped. She gnawed on it until she fell asleep.

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This set comes in 4 different colors including turquoise, black, blue and magenta. I almost went with the bolder magenta (because again, I tend to choose darker colors) but since I went with a bold choice for the first one, I decided to play it safe this time!

Beabies has done a wonderful job creating a teething necklace that not only soothes your babies sore gums but that is also stylish and pretty for us mommy’s! They are multi-functional and that is a hit when it comes to being a parent. I can slip these on wherever we are going and I know that not only can I use them to entertain or soothe my baby, but that they are also stylish and modern enough to wear out and about just as they are.

These are made with 100$ food-grade silicone, they are tasteless, odorless and free of BPA, PVC, Latex, Phthalates, Vinyl, Nitrosamines, Rubber, Lead, Cadmium and heavy metals. They are freezer and dishwasher safe (just be sure to use the top rack for these only) and they are FDA, CSPC, EN71, MSDS and AS/NZS compliant.

You can buy the first set on Amazon for $19.97 (Prime eligible) by clicking the image below.

Or if the second is more your style, you can find it on Amazon for $19.97 (Prime eligible) as well by click this image below!

I received these products in return for an honest review, all opinions and statements are mine and mine alone.

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