Waterproof Bamboo Crib Mattress Pad by bebé owl Review

As a parent of three small children (ages 4, 2 and 3 1/2 months)… I am no stranger to discovering leaks, spit up, drool and other bodily fluids in my children’s beds. While my youngest is still sleeping with me we use a small square pad (similar to those pads they use underneath patients at the hospital, the reusable ones) and they are super absorbent and awesome! While that’s great and works well for us, we’ve really struggled to find mattress pads for our son’s toddler bed (and the crib he slept in… Baby Bird will be there sometime in the far away future).

The mattress pads we have tried before either didn’t fit the mattress well, didn’t keep the mattress clean and dry, or were loud and kept our children up at night. So… we tried the Waterproof Bamboo Crib Mattress Pad by bebé owl.



If you know me well at all, you’d know that the FIRST thing that caught my eye were the owls on the packaging. I’m a bit of an owl enthusiast, ha! Anyways, as we first pulled the mattress pad out of the box my husband commented on how soft it was compared to other pads we had tried. I have to agree, it’s very soft, softer than some of the sheets we use on our beds actually.

I washed it and immediately put it on my son’s toddler car bed, it fits his mattress perfectly. Not to snug, not too loose… and when Bubby climbed into bed that night…. no noise! We don’t have a lot of leaks anymore, but we will be potty training (or well… we’ve been TRYING this past weekend), but every now and then he has an accident. Sometimes his diaper comes loose, or sometimes he had too much to drink before bed (this tends to happen when he’s not feeling well and seems to need more fluids).



I was impressed to find that after he DID have an accident that first night of using this pad that his mattress wasn’t even damp, the pad had absorbed the moisture but not leaked through to the mattress.

I highly recommend this to any new or veteran momma, it’s a bit pricier than some you’ll find at department stores, but it’s well worth the extra money in my opinion. You can click the image below to purchase this from Amazon for $29.99 (prices tend to change frequently on Amazon, but this is the price as of 3/22/15), and bonus… it’s eligible for Prime shipping!

A few tidbits of info from the company:

LUXURIOUSLY SOFT – Quilted terry top made from bamboo viscose provides superior comfort
WATERPROOF – Absorbent mattress protector prevents moisture buildup and protects from stains, bacteria, mold and more
STANDARD SIZE FIT – 52 in. (length) x 28 in. (width) x 6 in. (skirt) – mattress cover perfectly fits all standard crib mattresses and fitted sheet design keeps it in place during sleep
EASY TO CLEAN – machine washable and quick to dry, making it convenient for busy parents


I received a free product for this review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

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